My niece



It has been over six months since I have seen my niece. Since my brother is posted at a remote place, he also couldn’t mail me any of her pictures. So as soon as he got access to internet, he mailed me some pictures of my niece. On January next, she will turn one year old. Hope to be at Dhanbad to celebrate her birthday.

@ cuckoo – it is for her that I ran after eunuch.


4 thoughts on “My niece

  1. hmm lekin bahut hi badmash hai. she is learning to use her vocal cords these days. and it is pa pa, da da, ka ka that she has spoken among the legible words. but bring the phone to her and she will not utter a word.

  2. hmm but she is a laadli at home. now rarely do we call home to talk to the others. it is just my niece, kanak. and if she does, its like we have got a treasure.

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