Black sheep in the family

Not literally though. My brother, to who I devote this post, is the most responsible and well settled in family. But he is a little dark in complexion and in our growing years most of the nicknames he got was based on his colour.

Indians despised suppression on the basis of colour by the British. But when it comes to their own society, India is divided on the basis of colour – the black are forever despised.

We didn’t despise brother (except for a few spats that’s very normal in childhood). Only that he was the only black between two fair brothers. Seems to have taken my father’s colour. And we called him kalu, karu and what not.

So how do I remember this all of a sudden.

While bathing today, brother started to sing all of a sudden. So what was the song;

“Jasomati maiya se pooche nand lala, Radha kyun gori, mai kyun kala…”

And who was the intended audience? Bhabhi.

Brother explained:

“Just like he (pointing towards me) has been calling me names because I am black in colour, babu (my elder brother’s daughter is fair as milk and no less beautiful as a barbie doll) too would be calling your son as Kalu.”

Bhabhi dismisses such talks. She strongly believes that her son will acquire her complexion. Also she doesn’t consider brother to be very dark – only other known woman after mother to have a similar feeling.


5 thoughts on “Black sheep in the family

  1. LOL. You write very well…I couldnt help laugh out loud as I read him singing “Jasomati…” When I was a kid I would tease one of my cousins who is dark in complexion by calling him a jali hui roti. I know, I was such an insensitive brat.

    PS. I think your posts are quite interesting, so I’m going to blogroll you.

  2. jali hui roti… ha ha… was he that dark?

    wow it’s good to see my blog on ur blogroll. thanks a lot. I too am adding urs. wl be interesting for my readers to read u.

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