Delhi Elections in the advertising circuit

Talk of advertisements and it is political parties that have emphasised on this medium, thanks to the impending state elections in Delhi. Delhi goes for elections on November 29, 2008

And the top two contenders here are the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and the Congress (I).

BJP has made the rising inflation as its major agenda. So the advertisements that were released by BJP read thus:

Can’t afford Congress: Vote for BJP

Hindi Ad – (BJP Congress mehngi parhi: BJP Bhajpa ko Vote de)

Only today I saw Congress’ answer to this advertisement campaign (although it was a bit late in releasing the ads, it didn’t fail to grab attention). Congress’ ad read thus:

Can’t afford to stop progress: Vote for Congress

This reminds me of the Cola wars and the Airlines advertisement that belittled each other’s competition.

But, I miss the good old days of pamphlet and graffiti advertising by electoral parties. The campaigning started months in advance, with the parties there fighting for wall-space.

Each party would get walls whitewashed at its own expense. Then artists would be called to write party slogans in artistic designs. Hindi and Bengali were the most used scripts. With several big and small parties in the fray, there hardly were walls that were blank.

Although sun and rain washed away most of the shine of these ads in a few weeks, this was certainly a treat for the eye during the election days.


5 thoughts on “Delhi Elections in the advertising circuit

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  2. also i remember earlier ads on rickshaw, auto etc, a person with a microphone in hand and going bla bla bla.
    these are few interesting ads by Congress and BJP.

  3. Insanely funny yet deceivingly true:) Political campaigns have indeed become a circus of sorts…as if the parliamentary rumbles weren’t enough:)

    P.S. Sorry Aditya! Exams have taken their toll on me…would be back to my regular self once the dreaded phase gets over:)

  4. @ kiran: yes. the slogans that they devised for political parties wud give bollywood lyricists the run for their money.

    @calvy: sorry that i disturbed u during exams. just got over from an internal exam last week and can easily understand what a dread it can be. anyways best of luck for ur exams

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