Balika vadhu losing on TVR: Popularity eating into the storyline

Two weeks. Two different ratings on Balika Vadhu – the tele soap on the newly launched Colors channel that has been pronounced a phenomenon (Source: Agency Faqs).

However, this time the news is not good for the serial. The upward trend witnessed in the TVR ratings of balika vadhu is reversing now.

The serial was launched with a TVR of a meagre 0.7, which grew up to 1.3 by the end of the first week. This further grew up to 6.8 on the back of a strong storyline and good acting, particularly the young bride, Avika Gor. has released the TVR ratings for the week 12/10/2008 to 18/10/2008. The TVR for Balika Vadhu is not as encouraging though. It is 4.69, less than Bidayi, which it had surpassed earlier.

So what can be the reason for the sudden downfall?

I am not an authority to speak on behalf of the public. But i can speak my part. About why I don’t like Balika Vadhu as much as i did earlier.

It was after the entry of the new girl in the serial. she has sucked all the liveliness from the serial. All the time she is crying or keeps silent. I don’t blame her acting though. Only that the story line requires her to infuse the gloom into the serial. After the entry of the new girl, Anandi, the lead actress, has taken a second place. Thanks to this girl, the serial has become more like a social message than an entertainment programme.

For the directors of this serial, i have this message that people expect the liveliness of the serial to be returned back. As long as you don’t bring back the liveliness, people would keep flocking from the programme. This also means you lose your word-of-mouth publicity. And the faster you do this the better.

looks like colors has not been able to handle the popularity properly.


9 thoughts on “Balika vadhu losing on TVR: Popularity eating into the storyline

  1. I don’t regularly watch soaps but I have caught few glimpses of this one. Subject is quite trash. In today’s age they are showing a child marriage…eeks….i know may be in rural areas it exists but for metropolitan, it is hard to digest.

  2. the story is quite different i liked it though i don’t watch soaps but i like this soap because of its uniqueness. i like the girl anandi her acting is too good her expressions and innocence is mindblowing.atleast its more better than sas bahu serials….

  3. yeah i agree with u that it is better than other sas and bahu serials.

    with the farewell to 3 of the most notorious of that gang (from ekta kapoor factory, I think channels have finally realised that they have to offer good content to viewers or see them go to other media of entertainment.

  4. I think the story is pretty realistic. Those who think otherwise have no clue how backward and feudal Indian villages are, especially in the Hindi belt. It’s better for serials to have a social message rather than the mindless idiocy of the saas-bahu fare. I just hope this serial does not degenerate into a saas-bahu saga. Instead, they should end the serial when the story comes to an end …and not drag it into infinity.

    • sucheta i too like serials that have a social message to give. what makes balika vadhu better is that it presents the social message in an interesting manner, just like the old DD days. but lately, the serial has taken a bad turn and it is in danger of going the sas-bahu way after the entry of the new actress playing Gehna.

  5. Ballika Vadhu – should serials like “Ballika Vadhu” be shown. My feeling was that about this anti social serial is that, this is putting up very adverse effect on entire poor community more so on poor and socially deprived peoples. These kind of serial should be banned as these are illegal and having very bad effect on community.
    You can vote your opinion for this at

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