Here comes the 101st post on

First lemme share with you the good news that my blog has now 100 plus 1 post.

and what better way to share good news than with songs, filmy ishtyle.

tell me where you listen to your favourite hindi songs. musicindiaonline? smashhits? there are many and there lies the problem.

so what do you do when you are not able to find your preferred songs? look for the song on the other website. if you are fortunate, you get the song on the other website. in other cases, you keep surfing the web for hours.

how good would it have been had there been a search engine just like google for searching music.

your prayers are heard and here comes – a search engine for music.

hey Phulki people, pay me something for giving you advertisement on my esteemed blog for no cost at all.

but I am really impressed with the website and so i decided to share it with you people.

you just have to type the song you wanting to find and searches it for you on raaga, smashhits, musicindiaonline, mp3hungama, and more websites.

the player is available just beside the search result. so if you want to play the song, just click on Add to Player. It doesn’t open any other popup. time saving, isn’t it?

want to download the song. just click on download and it starts downloading immediately. no need to register with different websites in order to download. gr8!

beside each song are given small boxes in green, orange and red which signifies high quality, medium quality and low quality respectively.

on the home page of, you can find recent searches by Recently played songs, Popular searches and Featured Playlists. There are also New Releases.

you can make an account on and you can save a playlist by your name and hear it later.

so i will recommend it as a must try for all my readers. presently, it has hindi and tamil music only. hope that they will start a search engine for english and the other regional songs in the future.

all the best to


13 thoughts on “Here comes the 101st post on

  1. Reading the title, I thought both of you, this blog &, have come up with their 101st post simultaneously. Sometimes headlines are so confusing! Well, I had never heard of phulki earlier. I had got used to smashits, but phulki does its job pretty well. How I wish if there was a website which could list all the lyrics of the songs in text form, so that they could be searched by any of its words or lines. Do you know any such site as well?

  2. You are on my reader and I remember reading this post. How come I have not commented on it ? Are you sure you have not shoved it to trash ? 😛

    Anyways, congratulations. May many more come.. 1000 per year. And I was about to suggest the same site to Ashutosh. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Rahi, for the plug.

    Phulki just launched its Orkut application. You can share songs, playlists, grab friends’ playlists, copy featured playlists and, of course, search and listen to any song right within Orkut.

    Give it a try.

  4. are you from Phulki anurag?

    good that you updated me on the new application.

    However, it would have been better if you had sent me the link to the application. will now have to search it on orkut. If you are reverting back, do please paste the link. or else, i too wl update my readers.

  5. thanks for informing that Phulki team. but i know that already. whenever, i hav to listen to or search songs, it’s phulki thats my first choice. and keep updating the website.

  6. The first time I went on this website. I did not have a problem downloading as the download icon came up with each selection I made, but since I played a number of different songs but the download icon just won’nt pop up. Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. Thankyou.

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