Songs from my memories

the other day there was a story of celebrities listing songs that make them nostalgic, force them into memories of the past and similar other feelings. since i am not a celebrity, i didn’t get a space to list the songs that are attached to my memories of the past. but i am the celebrity of my blog and here i list those songs.

films like ‘souten’, ‘betab’, ‘ek duje ke liye’ etc. were released at the same time as my release on the earth. so, the beautiful songs like ‘teri tasveer mil gayi’, ‘ham mile tum mile’, and ‘shayad meri shadi ka khayal’ were the first songs that entered my ears.

father was a great film enthusiast. until marriage, he wouldn’t miss any film and spend half his income on movies. mother forever chides him for being selfish since he didn’t ever take her to any movie (she was a village girl). then one day father decided to shut her by taking her to see ‘nadiya ke paar’. it was a rajshri film and a big hit of that year. and which are the songs that i remember from this film? ‘jab tak pure na ho fere saat’ and ‘kaun disha me leke chala re batohiya’

slowly video cassettes became more accessible. and which was the first film that the thakur and ojha family saw together (the cost of video cassete and cassette player was shared by the two families)? ‘jai santoshi mata’ – another big hit. and the aarti song ‘jai jai santoshi mata’ made such a big impression on my mind that i was humming it at class the next day. and once the good morning address subsided, the humming sound was easily audible. had it not been for RB, who declined hearing any sound, i would have been standing out of the class for indiscipline.

i was growing and the loss i felt most was my sweet voice. my voice was shrill but as teen age approached, my voice became hoarse. so much that my brother once told me a crow. that didn’t mean i stopped humming songs.

and then i got an opportunity to sing. yes, i awaited Ms. Mukherjee’s class because she gave us an opportunity to sing. and which was the song i chose – ‘mere sapnon ke rani’. this i stole from my brother’s diary. he noted the lyrics of all his favourite songs. I didn’t have this much patience. before the class could hear my golden voice, i irritated my family and neighbours with the rendition of the song.

there was one more time that i irritated my father with a song. I heard the song ‘dream girl’ in rangoli. since it was a sunday, both father and i were home. I am very bad in remembering the lyrics of songs; so it was just the one line of the song that i was repeating again and again – kisi shayar ki ghazal, dream girl; kabhi to milegi, kahin to milegi, aaj nahi to kal, dream girl, dream girl. having heard the song some twenty times or more, father finally boiled out and dared me to sing once more and he would thrash me.

then once i irritated my brother with the repeated rendition of the song – ‘muthkudi kavadi kadan’ by asha bhosale.

i heard the songs from the film ‘ashuiqui’ during subhash mama’s marriage. so if i don’t remember when was the marriage of subhash mama, i just check the year when ‘ashiqui’ was released.

i think it is the incidents attached to the song that make it more special – although you might have heard it many more times, it will appear new. ‘piya tosey naina lage re’ from ‘guide’ was performed by neelanjana, my first crush (not hers though – i mean she was too beautiful to give me any line). then i also liked her in another song from quayamat se quayamat tak (tu mera dil hai, dil kya jigar hai, dil de diya, tuje dil de diya) where she performed as the extras.

‘hawa hawa’ was a hot favourite during durga visharjan. another song that i heard during durga puja was ‘dil to pagal hai’ from the movie by the same name.

there are many songs that appear better when heard from other people than in movies. Ms. Mitali Mukopadhyaya sang ‘ek aise gagan ke tale’ during teacher’s day; and going through the actual version by kishore kumar, i found the one sung by Ms. Mitali to be better.

later when i came to delhi, i had greater access to songs – there was FM radio and two FM channels that kept pouring in more doses of songs – old and new. some particular songs from this period were ‘aaj kal paon zameen par’ and ‘tu hai wahi’.

talk of songs and i cannot forget swati mam, a senior, who sang ‘tumhe ho na ho, mujhko to itna yakeen hai, mujhe pyar tumse nahi hai’. and the version by salma agha was not as appealing to my senses. later rameshwari, a classmate who knew how much i liked the song by swati mam, sang it during our farewell.

so these are some of the songs that make me nostalgic. why don’t you list yours own.


3 thoughts on “Songs from my memories

  1. Wow, you have summed up whole your life span from childhood to the college days with the help of songs! I really like what you write as its so well structured and articulate. You do a lot of efforts and preparations for it …it seems to me as the story you are referring to here was published over two weeks back on the cover of HT-Brunch, if I can remember correctly (I might be wrong as there was no song playing in the back ground to assist me in this 🙂 ).

  2. arre nahi yaar. it was only that i didn’t get time to blog since then. yes, i had made up my mind then to post a similar thing on my blog.

    btw, u seem to b reading very much the same things as me. frequency matching!

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