A workoholic genie that hounds empty head: a non-veg joke that turned into a story

since the hindi teacher hadn’t yet arrived, we students had no better thing to do than exchange jokes- and what better way to entertain boys than with non-veg jokes. some of my group members were lucky enough to come across such joke books that featured non-veg jokes and rizwan was one. he secretly read them from his elder brother’s collection and regularly shared it with us.

“so what’s on today’s menu”, ashvyn asked.

“it’s about a man who was forever worried about the excessive work that he has to do”, thus started rizwan.

“ok just like preeti who always worries about the syllabus”, i quipped.

“may be”, says rizwan, “or may be she has other reasons to worry”. instantly comes back to his joke.

in a fit, the man visits his guruji, who is a sanyasi and has many powers. the guruji cum sanyasi is concerned about his student and decides to help.

but the helpful gesture turns out to be a problem.

how? read on to know (even we had to wait then – so why any special favors for you)

the guruji gives his student a genie who can do anything and everything for him.

“that’s great”, the student feels. this way he will not have to do any work. he will spend more time with his wife. also he hasn’t slept well for so long. he will sleep for longer now. the student can’t help imagine the advantages of having a genie at home.

just then the guruji cautions.

“the genie shouldn’t be left unemployed. or else it will grab your throat and kill you”

“unemployed! there is so much work at my home that he will never be unemployed”, feels the student.

so the man happily returns home with the genie following him.

he immediately instructs him all the tasks that has to be done.

the genie agrees happily.

within minutes he has completed all the tasks that took the man several days at a stretch.

strange. but before the genie could have become unemployed and headed for his neck, the man remembers the farmland to be tilled. but that too gives only ten minutes more. the genie is a super-robot at work and a killer when out of work.

soon the man realises that he has brought home a devil.

unable to find a solution, he discusses it with his wife. the wife is wise – immediately picks up the curliest of all pubic hairs and hands it over to her waiting husband.

the husband takes it with disbelieving eyes that are about to ask how come this hair will help.

but the wife is wise. she says – jaise kutte ki pooch sidhi nahi ho sakti, usi tarah mera ye bal bhi sidha nahi ho sakta (just as the dog’s tail can never be straightened, so my hair can never be straightened. ask the genie to straighten it whenever he has no other work. if this one breaks, ask him to take another from me. i have many.

the man understands and lives happily thereafter with his wife while the genie does all his work and tries to straighten the hair when out of work.

the hindi teacher arrived just when the climax was reached. so the laughter was suppressed with the good afternoon address meant for him.

before reaching our classroom, he had already received reports of the misbehaving class from teachers in neighbouring classes.

so he decided to devote the class to a topic that he thought was more important than the syllabus – about a khali dimag (empty head) that can be dangerous.

and what was the story he chose to emphasise the point.

about the same man who was worried about his work and approached his teacher for help.

although we knew that the man from the teacher’s story cannot use a pubic hair to get rid of the genie, we waited with bated breaths.

and we patiently waited until that moment when the hindi teacher disclosed the technique.

it was not even half as stimulating – the genie was directed to go up and down the stairs when he had no work.

our enthusiasm was lost immediately and so was an inclination to hear what the teacher has to say more.

we felt sorry for the man’s wife. she had no role to play in the latter story.

but we had a great laugh thereafter.


6 thoughts on “A workoholic genie that hounds empty head: a non-veg joke that turned into a story

  1. hmm… i know what kind of non-veg jokes u were expecting sandy. but given our past standards, this was too much of a non-veg for young boys. anyways i cudn’t have such things on my blog since it has a fairly universal crowd.

  2. Well, if you want the man’s wife to have some role in the late version as well then make her to throw her ring into the bottle. Her husband will ask the genie to get that ring back. And as soon as it enters the bottle, it will be capped! …the way I had heard this story until now. But thanks for suggesting so many endings of the story and all kinds of nonsense works we keep doing to keep ourselves busy 🙂

  3. Hey! Did I forget to mention that you can always uncork the bottle at your will?
    And yeah, I mentioned it at the risk of sounding boring …but you told that you have some kinda universal audience 🙂

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