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A comment on my blog encouraged me to check blogadda. now i have heard of it quite often on TV but haven’t yet tried it for one important reason – in the blogging space, most highly advertised things have nothing but crap in them. just like the proverb in hindi – uncha dukan fika pakwan

but then i came to blogadda.

it is basically a blog directory – here you can submit your blog and will get traffic in return.

so i registered on blogadda and here i was given this image to post on my blog so that they can ascertain that it’s mine.

i did. but it’s appearing in this manner.

<a href=”; title=”Visit to discover Indian blogs”> <img src=”; width=”80″ height=”15″ border=”0″ alt=”Visit to discover Indian blogs” /></a>

didn’t they know that there can be layman like me who don’t understand technicalities but are still blogging.

instead, they shot me a mail that they couldn’t spot any image on my blog. also they have given a mailing address where i can mail back to explain. should i?

would have deleted the post had anwin not commented on it randomly.


4 thoughts on “Blog Adda

  1. hey i wud learn to talk about things more cautiously now. u know what, raghuvir from blogadda mailed to me. here is what he says:

    Hi Rahi

    I am Raghuvir and I work with

    I read the post on your blog. I’m sorry for any inconvenience you would have faced but would have appreciated if you would have written back with your query. We would have responded immediately. You can place the image on your sidebar, the way you’ve placed a widget. I guess that your wordpress theme supports widget and you can add a text widget and place the code there. Some of the bloggers who found it difficult wrote in text and linked it. If you can do either of it, it would be great. If not, by placing the code you’ve already claimed your blog and I’ll ask the team to approve your blog.

    Your point is well taken, though and we will have a post on our blog to describe how to place an image/code on blogs.

    Thank you. And Rahi, I will appreciate if you can send in your thoughts about BlogAdda to me. I would love to hear from you.

    Keep in touch!


    so my blog is approved. and thanks to u raghuvir. about blogadda, i wl come back to u after i use it for some time. and sure i have ur email ID now – so any queries wl come directly to u (actually i didn’t think people respond so quickly, but u people at blogadda did. that too by searching me on the web. great!)

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