Delhi Bloggers’ Meet, September 6, 2008

i can’t believe this. i am supposedly the first one to blog about the aftereffects of the delhi blogger meet.

the delhi bloggers’ meet was organised on september 6th, 2008 at chittranjan memorial hall, CR park.

frankly, i liked the meet. and i have reasons.

first, it was the first such meet that i had attended.

second, it was a completely informal meet. unlike what i had thought. i suspected that with microsoft sponsoring the event, there will be some kind of a formal atmosphere around. but no. no podiums. the stage was used for a mere 5 minutes or so. u could speak your bit from your seat. good for me. i would have forgotten everything had i been asked to come up on the stage.

third, my first encounter with bloggers in real life.

fourth, the indiblogger team personally catered to all the bloggers. anwin, one of the co-ordinators and a guy with a BIG funny bone (i liked his goatee), personally came to welcome me to the meet. i don’t think that’s the practice in other social gatherings.

fifth, although there was a mingling session specially assigned in the itinerary, the bloggers were mingling with each other throughout the session. everyone was free to talk. everyone was free to opine. i didn’t; because i had no note for this – okz i think i have forgotten to mention the note.

i am not a very good orator (for all those present at the meet, i will once again like to emphasise on this). had it not been for the note i would have got stuck up during the ‘one minute to fame’ thing.

but with the note, my intro turned out to be better. i talked about my unexciting life, my job, my boss, about using my real name for the first time, about me loving comments, and many more things.

and people enjoyed. anwin who posted notes below each blogger’s name, highly recommended my blog.

later they requested the note from me and another co-ordinator renie was seen video shooting it. i have asked them to at least hide my name.

okz enough of me. there were many other stars of the meet.

there was ritesh. he was sitting some four to five rows ahead of me. and he had questions ready for every blogger once they completed their ‘one minute to fame’. although i wouldn’t go through his blog in the open (actually he has some bollywwood adult pictures and movies on his blog and earns a lot that way), he had great knowledge about blogging, internet, social networking and more. and he was here not to advertise his blog like me. he didn’t even reveal his blogs name. great.

there was ashish from the IBNMS team. i was impressed with his knowledge. i used the opportunity to clarify one of my doubts – do i actually need permission before syndicating content from newspapers and magazines? his answer was: yes i need permission. attributing the content to the newspaper or magazine with a live link to the article wouldn’t help.

there was abhishek, a first year MBA guy. he was very friendly. as soon as i entered the venue, he came ahead to note my blog address. thanks to anwin who has written the names of every blogger and their blogs and would be uploading it on indiblogger website.

also there was ashutosh. only when he talked of ‘the century times‘ that i recognised him. he had recently left a comment on my post ‘single in the city’. we have decided to keep in touch on mail.

there was a cartoonist too. saad akhtar runs a web comic series that is hugely popular. ritesh hinted that i join saad because i have a really funny bone (looks like you are judging me from my one small intro ritesh).

ankit and his friend too were there. they run a blog about what new they have learnt in the field of SEO. i remember my promise, ankit.

then there was a fitness trainer as well by the name of kiran sawhney. mam i will write good for you only if you suggest me some really effective method of gaining weight.

there were many new bloggers as well. some had just started their blog. some were about to start. all the best to them.

it is becoming a really big post. but what to do. you know i have only you who i can talk and talk for so long.

about what i liked more:

  1. i liked the intro on blogging in india compiled and edited by vinni. the music was really awesome. co-ordinators, if you can upload the whole thing on the internet, i would be really obliged. it is available here, as pointed by renie
  2. i liked the t-shirts and the pen and the pizza – all for free. i borrowed one more t-shirt
  3. i can’t think of anymore now – do fill me for more.

but it could have been better:

  1. had it been on a sunday, more people would have participated. i talked about this to anwin. let’s see if it is followed in the next meet.
  2. there could have been more on the the program list. at times, it looked as if they were stretching time. anyways since there were so many new people to meet, it felt as if we had more time.

the last in the list of programs was a presentation by abhishek from microsoft and IBNMS on livewriter, a new blogging tool by microsoft. anyways he didn’t seem very interested in presenting it. he did talk about it later, but to a small audience.

it was getting late and i left the venue at 9 in the night. rakesh, my colleague seemed to have a lot to tell about what happened at office today. i had taken a leave to attend the blog meet. although, i had my ears to rakesh’s babbling, my mind was still at chittranjan memorial hall thinking about the delhi blogger meet.


24 thoughts on “Delhi Bloggers’ Meet, September 6, 2008

  1. I just read about the delhi meet somewhere and landed up here after following a few links. You have an interesting blog. Good to know that there are a few directories coming up like and in India for bloggers. I’m from Delhi but have not been there for years now. I might be visiting this November and let’s see if I can catch up a few blogger friends then.

  2. hey Show Stopper!

    You were really the star at the ceremony yesterday…KUdos to u,we had a great meet! Not to forget the efforts of the Indiblogger team..I hope such meets would be organised on a regular level:)

    …and you have covered the blog meet beautifully!

    Keep in touch mate!

    I hope u do remember me..MBA guy!:)

  3. of course dear. i remember u. u can see that i have a particular para assigned to u. and ur msg came just at the right time. i didn’t have ur blog address. unlike u, i was too lazy to take the blog addresses.

    of course wl stay in touch. bye.

  4. Ok for the fitness tips on how to gain weight, do refer to my blog. in older posts, there is a post or two on those tips.
    It was a delight meeting you.
    Great blog post about the meet. will stop by your blog more often. I would also appreciate a link exchange.

  5. Hi–got here from indiblogger as I wanted to know how the delhi one went.Pune one was great too.The video I too loved! It does capture the essence of blogging.

  6. hey preeti,

    ya the delhi meet went on fine as u can gather from the recount of events.

    have heard a lot of ur blog and now u commenting here… i m obliged

  7. Hi! I was a bit lazy and had skipped your post earlier without any comment. But when I revisited again today, I noticed some dozen comments here. I thought I should add one more to the numbers. Just because you told all of us that you love a lot of comments.
    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  8. @Rahi, Probably its not true. Mine was the first comment on the post you referred above (single in the city), but here I had nothing to comment on. Every one has said it all. No point repeating.
    Din’t you note that despite I commented above, I hadn’t done so (a comment without a commentary)!

  9. it was really nice! i felt as if i were at the meet. now, I’m looking forward to be thr in my city too. thnx for linking me to this post. πŸ™‚

  10. @Su – fancy meeting you here! πŸ™‚

    @Rahi – looking forward to another Delhi meet? As you can see we’ve started another round and we’ll be there soon!

  11. Waiting for your account of the yesterday’s meet as I wasn’t able to make up to it. I was unfortunate to miss your humorous Intro version-2 this time. It would have been better than before (new versions are always one-ups). Any audio recorded this time? Do write a detailed account of it (including the audio/video string, if any).
    Thanking you in anticipation πŸ™‚

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