Single in the city

sushmita bose of “single in the city” fame will not write for the column on hindustan times any more.

she announced her decision to quit the column (she is quitting her job with hindustan times) in her last to last weeks column.

it was sad to know that we no longer would get to know of the travails of sushmita in the big bad city of delhi. it used to be one of my favourite sections on sunday’s newspaper and i would never miss a single issue.

she was also my inspiration behind this blog, although it is not half as interesting as her section.

all the best to sushmita in whichever venture she is choosing next. i hope she has a blog where she will continue writing. Lemme assure her that i will be a loyal reader.


2 thoughts on “Single in the city

  1. Well, HT seems to be losing many popular coloumnists. However, I never found her much interesting except her last post, where she fleetingly mentioned of some stuff called “Perfect Material” and couldn’t be completely covered due to her resignation đŸ˜€
    My favourite coloumn was Ma Prem K Usha’s Tarot predictions. But unfortunately, she passed away last month and I don’t find her daughter’s writings (who is continuing the same coloumn) that interesting.
    Doesn’t HT losing all eminent writers in some way or the other?

  2. may be. can’t comment on the issue well.

    by the way, it was strange to see HT featuring all those emails from people who have commented on sushmita bose’s exit from the column.

    it was strange to me as rarely do we see past employers giving you credit for good work.

    but HT gave her a last day column and also it was here that she became a celebrity. i don’t know her for her other writings. but i know her for ‘single in the city’.

    i believe it would have been a tough decision or a really super-lucrative offer that would have forced sushmita to resign.

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