A hectic weekend

for three weeks i had been postponing meeting a friend. this was the same friend, whose marriage i hadn’t been able to attend because of the evil boss. i know suresh never shows disappointment; but it’s deep down his heart.

no more postponing programs for now.

on saturday noon i called up suresh to inform that we will be meeting the next day, i.e on sunday. he suggested that we meet in cannought place instead of his home. i too wasn’t very eager to go to his home either – he lives with his brother in another corner of delhi. good for me. will have to commute less.

come sunday and once again came the usual thoughts of postponing the program. it’s so hard to spare a sunday for things other than rest.

my mind rebuked me. don’t take relationships for granted. you postponed it last time as well.

ok. ok. lemme at least sleep for an hour more – it’s sunday yaar.

extra sleep – not for me. first the maid. then the dhobi. then a neighbour. for each one of these, i had to go open the door.

finally i gave up and went ahead to freshen up.

we were to meet after noon – so i could well do some washing up. there were some clothes waiting for the last two weeks to clean.

but first i need to clean the room. no the maid will not do it. that doesn’t come under her JD.

prepared the tea and woke up brother. no amount of noise, sunlight, or anything can wake him from his slumber. but the call for tea sure wakes him.

he is slowly having his tea – knows that as soon as he is finished, i would dictate him the various tasks he has to do. he is senior to me, but in domestic chores, he has to accept my orders.

there is only the weekend we have for the house. the cooler is lying damaged since three weeks. the fan in the hall is in inoperatable condition since the same time. he has to get the mechanic to repair these. also an exhaust fan to be put in the kitchen. bhabhi fears going to the kitchen because of the hot climes over there. at least he will do that for his wife.

brother unwillingly goes out in search of the mechanic.

it’s time now to wash the clothes. they appear less in number today. all this time, i was thinking of postponing it until bhabhi returns.

but as soon as i am done with washing and about to go for spinning the clothes that the drain suddenly stops working. now what is the problem with it? looks like it is a bad day for machines in this house.

when i tell brother of the problem with the washing machine, he starts scolding me. “hey, i didn’t do it out of choice. did i damage the cooler and fan? it happened and i don’t know how?”

mechanic says he will check the washing machine later.

it is already 11 by now. i have to hurry up. i quickly take bath and eat two chapatis for lunch. we have plans to eat outside. suresh will treat me for his marriage at some good restaurant.

brother agrees to drop me to the local bus stand. it is already 12 by now. we were to meet at 12.30. that leaves me only 30 minutes for commuting and locating the friend. we have agreed to meet at rajiv chowk metro station, which let me tell you is a big station with several gates. how do i find suresh here. worse, i have forgot my cell phone. i felt there was something missing when i left home. we had come far when i realised this-so off i go without the cell phone.

what’s happened to the buses today. the roads look like a one way – only buses going from the other side – what has happened to buses from my side. finally, i take an auto to vishvidyalaya metro station and from there i reach rajiv chowk, cannought place.

damn, i forgot to wear the watch too. i have no idea of time. looks like people have stopped wearing watch. most of them didn’t have a watch and their cell phones were deep down their denims. i guessed it might be around 12.30, some minutes before or after.

at rajiv chowk and out of the regal gate i start searching for suresh. had there been a cell phone, i had easily given him a call and asked him to come to a particular place. finally i locate a public phone booth and dial suresh. he was standing at the regal cinema.

out of the AC metro, it seemed as if delhi was burning. it sure was – getting hotter to cool the city with rains in the evening.

i congratulate suresh for finally losing his virginity. he always complained about his misfortune at the supply of fair sex in his life. for days he was waiting to describe how he acheived the feat.

he had become a little plump and also his face was glowing – is that what marriage does to a guy? good i too would like to try.

we had no plans. just khana pina and roaming. but what should we eat? where shall we eat? where shall we roam about. no idea about that. also the weather was getting hotter and hotter.

okays lets wander around the place. CP has one of the best crowds to offer. maybe we come across some good restaurant too. also i didn’t want to make it a pure eating outing. let’s enjoy yaar.

first let’s cool ourselves. a glass of lassi would be great. god! this restaurant near regal charged Rs.15 for such small a glass of lassi. the agarwal’s are much better. also the restaurant was burning. we instantly finished our glass and came outside.

Suresh had brought pics from his marriage. didn’t much like the girl. she appeared a bit elder in age – can’t say- pics are misleading.

he was looking good in the kurta pyjama that i had chosen for him. good! my taste is improving.

looked like i was the first with whom he was talking about his married life. while talking, his pitch would automatically rise. since this was a private discussion about private topics, i had to continuously make efforts to lower his pitch.

but there were many stories for suresh to recount – from how he first saw her, to his first conversation, to how they first ate together and many things a little obscene for me to disclose on this blog here. so many that i had to forcibly take leave of him at evening. lemme confide to you that i was aroused at a few times.

okays enough of these.

ate dosas at sagar ratna. then there was idlis. had another glass of lassi. there was ice-cream

there is more. we were hungry and no restaurant was empty. i mean the budget restaurants. at sagar ratna there was a big waiting list. since we were tired of roaming throughout the inner and outer circles of cannought place, i suggested to rest for some minutes at the HDFC ATM. suresh had just spent time at the showroom of shree leather. i remembered how we used to cool off at the corporation bank ATM close to my last office.

by the time we came out of sagar ratna and had a sumptuous south and north indian lunch, it was already 3.30. i still had to wait until 5 when brother would be herding me to kingsway camp. we had to buy the exhaust fan and our monthly supplies from subhiksha. more about it later.

we spent the time at central park. suresh had more stories to tell. this time some of his family members too found mention.

finally i forcefully took leave of him and off we went to the Rajiv Chowk metro station. now i am on my way to vishwa vidyalaya where brother is waiting for me.

a day after a subhiksha stall had been found selling outdated items, there was a program on some news channel that showed how subhiksha was the cheapest of all retail malls and mom and pop stores. what caught my attention was that subhiksha sold ashirwad flour for just Rs. 120. the local retailer at my place sold it for Rs.150.

however, at subhiksha, there was a completely different story. ashirwad atta cost Rs.173. there was no arhar dal. even lux soap was out of stock.

ah bad experience. but i did hear them saying that the flour costs Rs.120 in subhiksha. or may be i heard it wrong.

now we head for KB’s fairprice that had offered us a better experience in the past.

flour was of the same rate here ( the local retailer is a better choice). however they offered a good deal on pulses. while the packed pulses cost way too high, the khula variety came at a very less price. it was not bad in quality though. i can’t compromise with quality.

in the meantime we also purchased an exhaust fan.

it had started drizzling and i was enjoying it. all i feared was that water doesn’t drips inside my supplies or the exhaust fan.

by the time we reached home, i was completely wet. the maid too had reached. we instantly asked her to prepare a cup of tea while we surfed channels.

a really hectic day it was. no rest on the weekend too.


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