How much is your blog worth

how much is your blog worth?

don’t know. check it here.

the results of this left me happy and content.

according to this website, my blog is worth $2,258.16 or INR 90230, if dollar is equivalent to INR 40.

thats great na.

but it is still way lesser than some of the established blogs like sepia mutiny and india uncut that are worth $217,912.44 and $245,010.36 respectively.

chalo, kuch nahi se kuch accha hota hai.


6 thoughts on “How much is your blog worth

  1. thanks for leaving the comment srinidhi.

    don’t know abt it. found it interesting so put it on my blog.

    leave it to my intellectual readers to decipher the correctness of the figure.

    however, i m sure of one thing. this doesn’t mean i can actually sell my blog for all that sum. also i hav no intentions of selling it- its my personal diary. what use it has for any other person

  2. I agree with that…they are calculating the value based on the value of links (something proportional to pagerank)-that’s not value of contents in our blog (or the emotional significance it has)

    keep writing.. Good blog. I’ll come back to comment on other posts.

  3. thanks for enlightening me on their base of calculation.

    i agree wid u that page rank is nt a correct base to judge the value of a blog or website.

    what abt the information, content, and yes emotional value one attaches to blog. they have as much an importance as the page rank and shud b given enough weightage

    • sorry to say that lala but i think this is just joking. it tells my unique daily visitors are 25,500,000. oh man i can’t believe that. i have access to my daily blog stats and i know i stand nowhere near that figure. so ur estimix suggestion was a flop. sorry again.

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