Take a leave and get beaten

imagine that you join office after a day’s leave and your boss and some of his favourites start beating you up for taking a day’s off.

“what crap! I am not a bonded labour to get such kind of treatment”, you say.

but one people’s representative was subjected to this kind of treatment when he didn’t attend the confidence vote at the lok sabha on 22nd July, 2008.

The MP, Chandrabhan Singh, alleged that he didn’t take leave because he didn’t want to vote with his party, BJP. He said he was ill and so didn’t attend the Lok Sabha session. His party, the BJP, insisted that he willingly didn’t attend the session to benefit rival congress.

syndicated from the DNA:

Expelled Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Chandrabhan Singh on Thursday alleged that party leaders LK Advani and Rajnath Singh were conspiring to murder him and had planned the attack by the party’s youth wing members on his New Delhi residence.

“The attack was planned by the party chief Rajnath Singh and Leader of Opposition LK Advani. They wanted to murder me,” Singh said.

Police said the MP was in his North Avenue home – a stone’s throw from Parliament House, the President’s Estate and key central ministries – when it was attacked by about 60 members of the BJP youth wing.

The placard-carrying activists hurled stones and bricks at the house, smashing many windows. They also damaged a two wheeler, broke a wooden door and destroyed all the flower vases in the house.

The lone constable at the spot tried to stop the protesters, but soon called for help. The police then whisked away about 20 activists.

“They threw bricks at the house and broke window panes. One person has been arrested and security personnel have been deployed,” a police official said.

The MP from Damoh in Madhya Pradesh was expelled by the BJP on Wednesday for abstaining during the trust vote in parliament on Tuesday.

“I did not abstain to help the government during the trust vote. I was not well at that time and vomited blood. I was rushed to Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital and since there was no space in the ICU, I was referred to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Had I been well I would have voted in favour of my party,” Singh said.

“Had Advani and Rajnath vomited blood, would they have gone to vote? The members of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha were chanting ‘Advani zindabad’ and ‘Rajnath Singh zindabad’. It is clear that these two leaders sent people to vandalise my home and murder me,” he alleged.

BJP leader V.K. Malhotra refuted Singh’s allegations, calling them false and baseless.

“We took four of our MPs, who were critically ill, in special ambulance to the parliament. They came and voted from the lobby. But Chandrabhan disappeared at the last moment,” Malhotra said.

“All his allegations are false. No one was sent to his house by Advani or Rajnath Singh. No one was even chanting slogans. His fear of losing his constituency and membership of parliament is forcing him to level such baseless allegations. We are demanding the cancellation of his membership in parliament. He has betrayed the party,” Malhotra added.

On Wednesday, BJP activists held a noisy protest outside party MP Haribhau Rathod’s residence in Mumbai and attacked his house at Yavatmal in eastern Maharashtra for staying away from parliament during the trust vote.

Rathod was among nearly 10 BJP MPs who were either absent during the voting Tuesday or voted for the government in defiance of the party whip. One was present in the house but did not vote.


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