Crowd pullers

when sunny deol’s dare devilry in the movie ghatak inspires the crowd to fight against the local don danny, we hail it as good prevailing over the bad. we again appreciate the crowd when it rises to save cops who poured acid in the eyes of criminals in the movie gangajal.

However, in a real life incident, when a similar crowd gathers to hand out justice to some petty theives (and the latter die in the process), their act doesn’t fetch appreciation. it is branded as brutal and uncivilised, not coming of a cultured society as india. TV channels across india, are out pooh-poohing the perpetrators of the barbarous act. people are glued to their TV sets (news channels repeat video of the barbaric act) trying to think how cruel some people can be.

some thousand miles away, at the place of the incident, the entire village believes that the act was for good. that the theives lost life was for good since they do not believe court of laws would have acted as fast.


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