Want to study in a Foreign University?

if you believed indian applicants to foreign universities had a very good hand at english, think again. just came across a company that worked (said they were exclusive partners and present in six cities apart from delhi) for Princeton Review, that offers test preparation courses for SAT, GMAT, etc. So, what does this indian company do for Princeton Review?

the procedure of applying to many foreign universities is an essay type application form. your chances of selection to your choice university depends a lot on how creatively and impressively you filled that essay type application form. of course there are other hurdles to complete.

the indian wing of princeton review comes into the picture here. trained writers are employed here to write for each applicant. they will understand the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant and then pen it down in an impressive manner. this ensures that the applicant finds a place with one of the foreign universities (although the groundwork for the same was done by another, who wasn’t as fortunate and didn’t have the large amount of money needed to study in the foreign universities.)

my question is – aren’t we sending relatively less competitive candidates to foreign universities? isn’t this a misuse of resources? doesn’t this strengthen the unsaid law that the privileges are for the privileged?


6 thoughts on “Want to study in a Foreign University?

  1. send me an email about this clearly……… i am studying in one of the most reputed universities…… “ANNA UNIVERSITY”………. SEND ME REPLY

  2. u studying in anna university? then u need not fret bcoz it is surely a reputed institute. i was talking about people who are going for foreign universities

  3. respected teacher’s
    m a student of final year…nd now i want to do my MBA 4rm abroad.i’ve gud academic record but i can’t fund this..so i thought i should go 4 a SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME….i realy need scholarshp…but idon;t no how to apply..
    reply soon..

  4. Hello My name is Khusan, I am from Uzbekistan. I will graduate the financial institute this year and I want contineu my study abroad. I have got some finanacial problems. Are there any universities that accept foreign studenuts with grants. If they have please give their addresses. Thank you for answers in advance

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