Love marriage

having successfully accomplished the marriage of my elder brother, mother said, as if surrendering, “you better go for a love marriage for yourself. we will not be able to arrange a wedding for you. it is so tiring a business.”

an average guy would have loved this opportunity – a go ahead from parents to give the much desired legal touch to ones love life. many of the guys wait forever to disclose their love interest to parents.

in fact, mother too wasn’t serious about the love marriage issue. her idea of love is – the girl must be from same (or at the least) upper class, be fair in complexion, be educated, and finally hail from a family that is lesser in stature than us and yet not be too poor, so that they can afford some dowry.

But mom, love is blind and it is impossible to choose love mates with so many requirements in mind. we cannot arrange a love, you see.

love for me is an altogether alien concept. 27 years and the love virus has yet not struck me. will it strike now or in the near future? difficult to answer. so for a love marriage, there must be someone who i love. as there is none, so the idea about love marriage is a complete flop.

can’t say that way. in fact i like all girls and ladies and aunties. what’s more, i can also find a trait/s to dislike in all of them. none of them comes as a perfect piece. so the liking soon turns into a dislike.

don’t want to end the blog post so soon. also cannot come across some thing to write. was planning to write about my preferences in a girl (or what qualities make a girl sound and look perfect to me), but couldn’t come across anything specific. so i would better end the post here.

8 thoughts on “Love marriage

  1. Cute post…and I suppose the first thing is for you to figure out what it is you want in a girl..that way when you see won’t just pass her by! 🙂

  2. thanks reena for dropping the comment. good to know that u have kept ur promise – to spare some time for my blog.

    i do hav some metrics ready for a perfect girl. let’s c when c passes by.

  3. I always keep all my promises!! And maybe you’d like to enlighten us with your “metrics for a perfect girl” 🙂

  4. When the cupid strikes, you will know :-). Your 27 years’ experience will come to a nought and your knees will go weak !

    Hoping what you want is a tad simpler than ‘What Women Want ‘ — nice movie my Mel Gibson in which he exactly knows what women want and then wishes he didn’t ..

  5. There is nothing like perfect person. Searching for somebody like that is just wasting time. Love of my life sometimes stink, especially when the weather is hot, makes mess, always want to listen to something – his new band is Ramstain… horrible…, and many annoying things. But he makes me laugh, we have almost the same seeing of the world and we feel good together.
    No girl is perfect 😀 and I can tell, we belch and fart too 😀
    In my opinion, the best person for life is the one you understand and which you can stand. Love might not last forever, but when you are with person who makes you laugh and always know how to make you feel better it should be good too, right?

  6. thanks a lot rena, madhu, jatu and susan who have taken the pains to comment on the post and enlightening me on how to find my would-be-mate (at ur insistence, i drop the word perfect)

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