Baingan ka jhonga

i am not very good at cooking. rice, dal and tea are the only preparations that i have tried till date. still i have a great eye for the preparations and regularly pester bhabhi and brother that they are not doing it the way mother did.

here’s a recipe that i have seen my mom make. baingan ka jhonga is a hot favourite at home and couldn’t find the recipe online; so i thought let’s give my readers a taste of the bihari cuisine (bihari cuisine is characterised with simplicity).

Baingan ka Jhonga


3 average sized baingan or brinjals
1 half cup rice (use parmal rice)
salt to taste
1 full cup mustard oil
1/2 teaspoon chilly powder
2 teaspoons garlic powder
5-6 cloves of garlic
3-4 green chillies

Method of preparation:

1. soak rice for over 1/2 hours in water. before using the rice, check if it has become soft.

2. in a mixer, make a paste of soaked rice, garlic, salt (to taste) and chillies.

*the rice paste shouldn’t be too watery. sieve off excess water (if any) from the soaked rice before making the rice paste.

3. cut the brinjal into 4 pieces lengthwise, with the head of the brinjal kept intact. boil the brinjal for about 5 minutes in water.

4. check that the brinjal is soft now. let it cool. generously spread the rice paste onto the brinjal.

5. heat the mustard oil in a kadhai.

6. now slowly place the brinjals in the kadhai for frying. reduce the gas flame so that your dish doesn’t burn, but is yet crisp in taste. keep on stirring the brinjal. when the lower side is fried (the side will turn brownish once it is fried), turn the upper side for frying.

7. sieve it off the oil once both sides are fried well.

8. do the same to the other cut brinjals. one at a time.

baingan ka jhonga is now ready.

serve hot with rice and dal. add to this dhaniya patta ki chutney and aam ka achar and you have the ultimate bihari recipe ready to eat.


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