Turning SEO

god, i am turning a SEO day by day.

just a week ago i submitted my blog to a few blog directories like Blog Catalog and India Counts. yesterday, i also exchanged link with a website.

previous attempts at submitting blog to blog directories were a failure. each time i submitted my blog to a directory, it would ask me to put the website/directory link to my blog. a newbie that i am in this field, the instruction was least understandable.

then one day while working in the admin area of my blog, i came across the feature how i can add links to my blogroll. i also came to know how i can change the name of the blogroll as “Blogs i read” or anything similar.

just when i was going to make live the blogs that i read or subscribe to, i came across this article. this article advises not to make a blogroll as it only kills your page rank. hope i have learnt all the lessons well. (still have a doubt here: how come other blogs have blogrolls and still are getting big traffic? do i have to press each website or blog to link me back?)

now how could i have seen the death of my much beloved page rank. so the decision was made. no blogrolls for me.

but i also have to increase visibility. blog directories were the best method for this.

and then ‘it’ suddenly dawned upon me. why not create a separate page that has all the links. creating a new page is as easy as creating a new post. so here is what i did. the page is available here.

i have two links over here. also i exchanged links with one Mr. Aaron of http://www.mycreditcardwatch.com. he liked my content and showed willingness to add my blog to his blogroll. but looks like he wanted a favour from me in exchange for the favour he extended to me. only when i showed him the page where i have put his link on my blog that he agreed to add mine to his blogroll.

also there are other places where my article is getting traffic from. there’s OneIndia, Clubjam, Mypopcorn.com, LiveMint, and many more. i either registered and submitted my blog or just left a comment. and users have been regularly tracking me from all these places.

thanks to all the administrators who agreed to show my comment online. also thanks for exchanging links with my blog.

although, as i have told at the very beginning that i am a newbie in this field and don’t know much of SEO, i leave it upon you to decide if i am doing it (SEO for my blog) correctly or not.

First, have i completely understood and implemented well the lessons told in the aforementioned article.

second, what else? (guys, if u r going to give me some lessons, plz don’t use jargons or i wl irritate u for the meaning)

Plz do reply.


4 thoughts on “Turning SEO

  1. Your biggest current problem is having the aboutme the same as your home page.

    As you are on WordPress.com anything that might be more advanced SEO you might as well forget.

    As you have recent post, top posts and tags on every page, a few links on a blogroll isn’t that much of an issue. It is more important to ensure they are valuable resources for your readers.

    The people who can afford large blogrolls normally have so much juice coming in from higher up, it doesn’t really matter much.

    Ultimately if you are on WP.com, unless you are just looking for a book deal, or believe you will quickly be able to pay $250+ for their VIP hosting, worrying about traffic, SEO etc is fairly pointless, because you can’t do very much with it.

  2. online is so small a world. i just uploaded this article on my blog and spat came a reply from Andy Beard (i referred to his article) on what things i can improve in my blog.

    Dear Andy,

    good to read from u.

    i wl surely implement the guidelines u have given to me.

    i have already removed the about me as the home page.

    as i have come so far on wordpress, i do not want to change it now. also this will lose me all the links on google i have now.

    but as u can see, my goals are not very big. i just want some visibility among my indian target audience. and i am doing it singlehandedly with no professional support. so i think, with patience, that goal will be reached-although not very fast.

    thanks for clearing my doubts on that blogroll issue.

    do review my blog at times whenever u have some time to spare.


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