Summer travel

come summers and the thakur family spends a major part of the time travelling.

vacations are not always the reason, particularly not this year.

when bhabhi delivered a baby child only a few months ago, travel was altogether banned for her. even when brother’s two months vacation started (he teaches with a reputed school), it was decided that they will stay at our parents house in dhanbad.

just when we at delhi were missing the usual summer crowd at home (it had become a usual feature for summers – brother and family would come to delhi. mother was generally present during the time), things suddenly started getting out of control at dhanbad. everyone was stressed. the baby girl wouldn’t sleep – so none had the luxury of sleeping either. mother suddenly started behaving strangely, may be because of the less sleep she was getting. her health deteriorated and even though she wasn’t least wanting to leave the baby, i dragged her to delhi.

within days, bhabhi and bhaiya too joined us. my neice couldn’t live without her dadi. she contacted fever and the three were at delhi now.

it was just a few days since everyone had joined at delhi and things had barely settled that we came to know of a close relative who was on death bed. it was strange. it had just been a few months ago that i had met him hale and hearty, although he forever used to complain of some or other illness (that’s another story).

when father heard of it, he was in a state of shock. he instantly packed bags and came to delhi. we had to book return tickets for him as well. thankfully, the relative left for the heavely abode just in time; otherwise would have to get the tickets cancelled and make a new one.

mother too was insisting to attend the ‘shraddha’ ceremony to be held at the relatives home town. that again meant getting a tatkal ticket for the four of them – father, mother, bhaiya and bhabhi (the latter would have to follow wherever mother went for the sake of her baby girl). fortunately, father convinced her that there is no need for her to participate in the ceremony there.

although the new circumstances has bought us some time, mother has to be ferried back. it has been decided that they will leave for dhanbad in mid-july, in time for the madhushrawani ceremony organised at the new brides home.

just a week later, the bride will return back to delhi with her father.

in the meanwhile there are more train journeys to be arranged – for my elder brother before his school starts, for me to attend a friends wedding in the beginning of july.

lately i also forced my brother to get a credit card made. the credit card companies won’t approve me for a credit card (i have heard that dotcom companies are blacklisted by them). it is easy to book tickets with a credit card. just go to and register for free. then make your payments using your credit card. it is much easier than running after travel agents or standing in long queues at the railway station.


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