Sensational reporting by hindi news channels is unpalatable

Are you satisfied with the programmes being dished out on TV these days. i am not.

news channels in particular are very disappointing, mostly the hindi news channels. instead of providing information, the news channels sell sensation. the loudest the sensation, the largest the TRP – therefore, biggest the share in advertisement pie.

the news content can least qualify as news item. recently zee news aired a feature on the route followed by lord rama during his vanavasa. had this been reported as a travellogue or a pure mythological feature, there would have some matter to appreciate. instead, the reporter decided to act a historian and began uncovering mysteries associated with rama. the techniques utilised for generating facts were crude and the reporter based the programme on folklore. how can history be based upon folklore? the feature was well in time for the ram setu controversy and thus assured great TRP ratings for zee news. the channel aired the programme for many days at a stretch.

india TV has made a niche for itself in this kind of sensational reporting. seldom do they air news that is significant. news is rarely able to make the headlines here. the remaining part of the day is devoted to fraud babas, abandoned houses, long forgotten kings and queens, cars which move without drivers and all kind of issues, the knowledge of which does little good for people.

recently, news channels struck gold by telecasting scenes syndicated from popular TV shows like Indian Laughter Challenge on Star One and other such programmes. in a slot that would have been better devoted to news, the channels dish out shows done by raju srivastava, sunil pal, and the new breed of stand-up comedians.

Doordarshan is no better. not sensational reporting here. bland reporting rules here. the news anchor goes on and on, rarely ever exciting your senses. In fact, doordarshan was never good at news. since it is the national channel, the authorities ensure that the news content passes through several filters before being telecast.

breaking news has lost its sheen. it is again the news channels that are to blame. almost everything makes breaking news now – from Amitabh bacchan who decides to travel with family from one temple to another to the return of khali (india’s very own undertaker), from Aishwarya rai denying pregnancy claims to rakhi sawant playing one of her media tricks, and finally coming up with new clues on arushi case (mostly baseless).

news channels are resorting to any tactics to ensure that they have the reins to TRP. sting operations is one of the most lethal of them. the tehelka expose of BJP politicians was for a good. it exposed the widespread corruption among politicians. this soon snowballed into a trend where sting cameras began entering people’s bedroom. while the privacy of people was snatched, the sting operations also began to be misused. recently, there was a case where a school teacher was portrayed as a pimp, as a result of which she was badly beaten up and suspended from the school. later it was discovered that the sting operation wrongly indicted her.

others in this list of sensational-reporting-no-news genre of news channels are aaj tak and others from the TV today network (god know what criteria they use to judge it as the best news channel), IBN7, Live India and star news.

the only hindi channels that serve a palatable programming quality are NDTV hindi news channel and News X (recently started by INX media). these news channels offer content. they seldom sensationalise. each has a good quality of reporting. there also are different varities of programmes to show.

so the overall picture about hindi news channels is gloomy. a majority of the channels believe that the programmes they show are liked by the audience and so they will continue showing these as long as there is no giant shift in audience’s preference.

In this bid to secure greater TRP, the worst affected is the news itself. for me, options are still open in the form of english news channels (these offer a great programming quality) and english newspapers (hindi print media is going the way of their electronic media cousins). But think of people who have to depend on the hindi news channels for their daily dose of news since they cannot understand english or do not have access to newspapers. will they be devoid of news?


27 thoughts on “Sensational reporting by hindi news channels is unpalatable

  1. i want to do job in electronic media in mp.p&c.g. i am have last 6 year reporting field.

    vishwanath sharma

    Gwalior m.p.

  2. well it’s absolutely true… As a media fresher i myself have opted for english news channel or newspaper keeping in view the degraded quality of news and bland reporting by the hindi ones…i really hate aaj tak.

  3. aftab azmat shows his english skill and his knowledge on these matters with his brilliant spellings. he is fit for a job on aaj tak

  4. amitabh i agree. they all are exceptionally good at their spellings. i did like this article a lot. doordashans comentators at the olympic games really ssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. who would call someone gay tyson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have one year experience with hindi tv news channel on desk, I want a job in leading hindi news channel, with good salary

  6. I have one year experience with hindi tv news channel on desk, I want a job in leading hindi news channel, with good salary

    my contact number is 9990189082

  7. hi i have two years exp in media .I want a job in leading hindi news channel, with good salary
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  8. Dear Sir
    i want to co operate you and give all the details to do one sting operation of one politician of india.If its possible for you to do in a public interest and for the nation contact me.

    • sorry dear i m not a reporter, so won’t be able to help you in this venture. but believe me, these sting perations will only add to the sensation and thus further worsen the quality of news that comes to us. so if you really have something to uncover about a politician, I would advise you to contact NDTV, Times Now, News X or similar channels. They give news, not sensation.

  9. I am Salini Gosain doing my PGDBA in a reputed instutute of Greater Noida very much interested in news channel for anchorinh job. I aam fluent in Hindi as well as english, so i am request u if their is any chance , then write me.

    Best Regards


  10. hello i am dinesh . i wana be job into media roporter, coz i have passion regard this job . plz give chance. then definate i will do beter for your company

  11. Hindi news channels sucks.Remember Ash-Abhishek marriage,every news channels were busy covering that event, but nobody cared to show what is happening in kashmir, we lost 3 jawans that day i got the news from BBC.They claim to be national news channels but they show news only from northern india.

    • that’s very true arbaaz. they are so busy with covering news of no importance that they forget something more important is happening around. news from north india? I will differ with you on this. yes since the focus of hindi news channels is more on local news, they tend to show more from the hindi heartland. but again it is news about domestic feuds than something which is really important.

  12. Hello Sir,
    i have one year experience in Hindi tv news channel on reporting .Done internship in Doordarshan ,United news of India ,and Punjab kesari And presented various programs in ALL INDIA RADIO. I Want to do job in ur channel.

    poonam chahal

  13. hi i am saurabh mishra i have done PGDMC from NBA Delhi . I have 2 month exp. in national news channel ,and also one year Reporting exp. in City news channel on camera if you have any job about media then call me once or text me please .

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