Succour in potato

i hated vegetables.

i was a kid then. one could count on fingers the vegetables i liked, definitely not the green ones.

my parents were furious. mother would forever warn me of diseases that can happen because of less intake of green vegetables.

but i couldn’t help it out. i didn’t like them. and having chapati or rice with a curry you don’t like was like impossible.

so what did my parents do. no, they didn’t give so easily. one day father forced me into eating a vegetable that’s known as jhingli in local dialect. he forced the vegetable into my mouth and i vomitted.

finally mother gave up and in potato she found succour. so it was an all potato dish or potato pieces filtered out from a mix veg curry.

The United Nations is celebrating 2008 as the International Year of the Potato. read the story here. potato, they say is versatile in the sense that it is available throughout the year and all around the world. i agree


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