Has Arushi received justice?

hardly would have arushi, the noida girl allegedly murdered by her father, hoped to get as much popularity living as she has after death.

a week ago, almost every channel was airing news on the murder mystery of arushi and hemraj, the family servant. so much was the hype created by the twin murder that many people were hooked on to their TVs, fetching great TRPs for many a channel.

how much has the police succeeded in solving the murder mystery? they have finally nailed the father, alleging that he was in an extra-marital affair with a doctor colleague, which in turn was disliked by arushi. the police say that hemraj, the servant, had come closer to arushi, taking advantage of her disapproval of her father’s relationship. the father couldn’t resist this and thus murdered the two.

now that the police would love to close the case, suddenly the mother has come out of the closet. so what has she to say after so long? she gives a clean chit to her husband and also the servant hemraj. “would a mother ever save the killer of her daughter”, the mother of arushi says. this has some meat, you see.

then how has the police come to this conclusion? not very difficult for them though. they are prone to be pushed and pulled. so when there was a pressure to fast resolve the issue, may be they cooked the story, now that two of the characters in the plot are already dead. Dr. talwar, the father of arushi, is not offering any comments. the first target was of course hemraj. trying to give the murder a ‘servant kills master’ turn was easy. however, they had to eat their words once the servant’s dead body was found on the terrace.

although the news about arushi has petered out on news channels, i am not convinced. certainly do not want the parents to be dragged into the thing. also wouldn’t want to hear that arushi was sharing any illicit relationship with the servant hemraj. am still waiting for any new angles to emerge.


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