My blog scores a 4/10 on Google Page Rank

hey did u all notice this. i noticed it for the first time today and am really very happy and satisfied too.

my blog has been ranked 4th on the google page rank parameter.

don’t know when this happened. earlier, i always opened my blog on mozilla which didn’t have the google page rank toolbar. only today i opened it with internet explarer and the moment my eyes hit the 4/10, i was excited.

now, i am not very sure of what good that means to my blog or what the page rank means at the first place. Google says, “Page Rank is Google’s measure of the importance of this page”. by that logic, my blog comes 4th in the list of important web pages – it’s still low but still offers a great reason to be happy.

i saw the SEOs in my last company exalt when their websites grew on this google parameter. so i think i too need to show some excitement.

what’s important is that my blog has attained this feat purely on the basis of content. since i was a content person, i knew of no other ways. as the blog grew with time, so did i learn of other techniques to increase visibility.

thanks to little to no work at office, i have been pumping content to the blog almost regularly. so the google bot could see that there was work going on a regular basis.

i first started with tags. there are more than 300 tags on my blog. through tags, my readers are able to locate me in the vast maze of the web. for many others, the tags direct them to my blog, almost unwillingly. can’t help it. everything has pros and cons.

recently, i also added many widgets to my blog. earlier there were just a few – calendar, top posts, categories, recent comments, archives, and tag cloud. recently i also added RSS feeds, blogroll, videos and photos. the RSS may have helped widen the reach of the content here.

finally, the content again. there was not only too much of content. the content was also good. my readers have liked it. i am not boasting. u know, i seldom boast. but the comments that i have received from readers have been encouraging.

i end this post here. would want to see my blog grow to greater heights.


4 thoughts on “My blog scores a 4/10 on Google Page Rank

  1. 10 is the highest score. now my blog rank has gone up to 5 and also many inner pages have been ranked.

    however, as i have mentioned, i am not very much aware of how the page rank thing happens. u can click on the page rank link to wikipedia that i have given. or u can also get many good resources if u search on google.

    • not an expert to answer that. but one of my friends told that the PR was inflated for some time and now it has rationalised. anyways not disappointed. more of my internal pages are ranked now than earlier

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