A bus service named Mayawati

do you know what people call the yellow buses run by UP roadways between ghaziabad, noida and delhi? mayawati. that’s because it was mayawati, the present chief minister of UP, who restarted the bus service between noida and delhi.

during the reign of mulayam singh yadav, the ex-chief minister of UP, the bus service between the two states was snapped. while those at the top were unaffected, it was the people who commute between delhi to noida and delhi to ghaziabad who were the worst hit.

the government moved all industry out of delhi, in the wake of high pollution levels. the residents have thus to travel to far away places like noida, gurgaon, ghaziabad, and faridabad. however, these neighbouring districts do not have as good a transport system as delhi.

when the states cut the transport facilities, the private players, ran havoc on the roads. their thirst for more passengers being endless, they would wait incessantly at bus stops. people would be herded into buses as animals; even worse. lest any passenger oppose, he/she was mishandled by the bus staff.

after a long hiatus, the government of both sides finally decided to end the impasse. mayawati and sheila dikshit, chief minister of delhi, took the decision to restart the bus service between the two cities as soon as the former occupied office.

it was a welcome day for commuters. the yellow buses were greeted with much happiness by the crowd at ISBT and new delhi railway station, who were anticipating this move by the new chief minister for long. also there were the buses from DTC. commuters thought it was the end of their commuting troubles, with so much of choice in travelling. but they were wrong, time proved it.

the new buses were comfortable. also they took lesser time to complete the journey once the buses started. however, the starting was often problematic. more than 6 months that the service began, they are still not following a routine. ask the bus drivers and they put the blame at the bus depot

also the bus conductors charge tickets at their discretion. imitating the DTC buses that run on this route, the conductors on UP roadway buses too have started charging an extra rupee. had this extra rupee been a legal charge, all conductors would have charged the same. a few conductors declined the extra rupee coin that i passed while taking the ticket. they said, it went to the conductor’s pocket instead of the state’s exchequers.

DTC buses have been worse. earlier, one could at least spot a few buses run by Delhi Transport Corporation enroute to Noida. now you can seldom spot one, at least not during the office time. in the evening, they disappear completely.

the commuters have to fall back on the private players again. howsoever crowded they are, they at least pick passengers from their source and leave them at their destination points. their final hope now is the delhi metro. sources say it would commence operations by end 2009. until then commuting will reign high on troubles facing people travelling from delhi to noida.


7 thoughts on “A bus service named Mayawati

  1. it is great people staying far away from india feel so much for the betterment of their country and/or region. thanks mr rehan.

    sorry but i don’t have any links to Ms. Mayawati or would have loved to air ur concerns to her.

    still i think if c or someone in her coterie gets to see this content, they wud be inspired to do something for the place (i wud b impressed if that does not come at the cost of changing the name of the place).

  2. please can u people tell me the bus no of the yellow bus as i have to go to amity university noida and for past one month i have been searching for the route and bus no of those yellow buses

  3. can anybody please tell me if there are any yellow line buses from noida to mohannagar,ghaziabad. from where can i board the bus.

  4. Hey prabhjit, sorry for answering you so late. i can’t tell you about the route number (u haven’t told me where u start ur journey from). but there sure are buses going towards amity university. once long back i had gone there for a seminar and i did see some buses passing thru. or else u can go to sector 37 which the rickshaw will take Rs.10. from there u can get buses to each and every corner of noida and delhi.

    i don’t think there are yellow line buses going towards mohannagar or ghaziabad. however there are chartered buses running on the route, which are often full and run at snail pace.

  5. There is no UPSRTC bus service from Ghaziabad to Noida Via Mohan Nagar of Ghaziabad
    and Noida Depot.There are thousand of daily pasenger from Mohan Nagar to Noida.They
    are all depend on private buses which are running from Ghaziabad tp Kasna via Mohan
    Nagar.There are some chartered buses running from Modi Nagar to Noida which are always

    So I rquest you please start some UPSRTC buses from Ghaziabad to Noida Via Mohan Nagar.

    Thanks & Regards
    Gurjit Singh Bajwa

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