Some ramblings

all the best to my blog – thru it i made friends with a girl in toronto, canada – feeling elated at the thought that my blog is read so far (although Mr. — you need not be so happy. it’s all because of google).

it was thru a comment on few of my posts that i was forced to write back. and we are writing to and fro every day. when i didn’t find her mail in my inbox this monday, i suddenly got frantic. “hope you are well”, i wrote. and there it was the next day.

she is of indian origin and more or less my age. but we are different personalities. she likes to open up with no bounds. i am a bit introvert. she advises that i am much too concerned about my job. i agree. everyone has problems with their jobs – it doesn’t mean life centers around it. there is so much in life to do.

shared pictures of my vaishno devi trip with her (did i tell you we went to vaishno devi this weekend). will post some pictures here too.

also shared a low phase i was going thru because of the resignation of one of my colleague. she says that i can keep in touch with her, no matter the distance, a mail seldom takes more than a minute to write.

hope to continue the friendship for long. although this is the Nth time i am saying this to my heart.

hope you like the pics here


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