Some talks about life, family, friends and work

today is a fairly boring day. looks like i have completed the entire work and it is still 3 in the noon.

also looks as if summer would be too difficult to bear since days will continue to get longer.

yesterday even though the day was eventful, not because of work-but because of no work, time moved at snail pace.

yesterday though some hope returned to life. wl discuss only if something good turns up.

at home front, bhabhi is all set to change everything in home. sundays and saturdays are packed shopping for the house.

she recounted her fantasies about colourful lamps. she secretly sold a payal to buy one. she was a kid then. i told her to have some pity on us and instead use money rather than selling out valuables. we had a hearty laugh on the same.

even though we had stocked a lot of things that was necessary for a family to live comfortably, it still was a bachelor’s house. so the sofa had to be given a new and colourful cover. the curtains were to be changed. new beds were bought. the old cooler just gave up on time. we had to buy a new one last sunday. now she is pressing us to buy an inverter. the power situation in delhi is worsening even though it is just the beginning of summer.

so the last month and this month as well will be quite expensive. i tried to explain her that now she is a housewife and she will have to be more mature about her expenditures. but her spending behaviours have seen no improvement.

life however is quite cool with a women at home. there is no tension about chores at house. you reach home to a sumptous dinner. before leaving for office, bhabhi feeds me a breakfast of 3 rotis with curd. also there are fruits cut and beatifully presented on table.

i am no spoilt brat though who will continue exploiting that feeble girl, who until now was just a friend (i told you she was my elder brother’s sali). i do help with some of the household chores like emptying the dustbin, watering the plants etc. also i have made it a point to take her for a walk in the evening after i return home. she too might get bored sitting at home even though she has made a few friends in the neighbourhood.

so i am so very engaged these days (it doesn’t matter now if there is no work at office). so engaged that i forgot to call this new friend. a mail didn’t help as i recieved a very professional reply. everyday i think of calling him but forget. today may be i call him in the evening.


2 thoughts on “Some talks about life, family, friends and work

  1. i did call the special friend in the evening, but could well feel the strain in relationships. but as a selfish one i haven’t taken any steps to bring back the vigour in our friendship.

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