The problem with Vodafone customer care finally resolved

who the hell coined this idea of a customer care on phone.

for the last few months i have had encounters with a quite a few customer cares associated with prime brands and let me tell you they havent helped me the least.

the latest in question is Vodafone (yes the new version of hutch). lately they have also started with a ‘happy to help’ ad for their co-operative customer care executives. but my experience with the Vodafone people has not been good.

it happened thus …

recently i went for a postpaid connection of Vodafone. a Rs.444 plan sounded quite attractive to me as there was 444 minutes of free local or STD calls on this. i expected my bill to not cross Rs 600, which otherwise too i was shelling on prepaid voidafone recharges.

but when i recieved this bill on the internet, i was taken for a shock. it showed a figure of Rs 1171, much higher than what i had called and expected.

it was when i recieved the itemised bill that i figured out one local call that has suddenly boosted my bill amount. there was a call to a special number called 777 for 100 minutes. since this cost Rs 6/call, the vodafone people had charged me Rs 600 on this account.

  1. what angers me is the fact that i haven’t done this call. in fact i didn’t even know what is this number for
  2. also there is no such number in my phonebook, so no chances of it getting dialed by chance
  3. also there can’t be so much coincidences that 7 got pressed for three times and then the number got dialed, by chance.
  4. last but the most important, the call is for a total of 100 minutes, i.e. more than an hour. how come i didn’t know this number was accidentally getting dialed, that too at 9.50 in the morning.

unended calls to the vodafone customer care has not helped. some of the problems i have faced while talking to them are:

  1. each time a new person takes up the call and you have to explain him/her the entire thing from scratch.
  2. the vodafone CCEs seem little educated than speaking out those usual hi and hello.
  3. they are least trained on problem solving skills. each time you call vodafone customer care, they will tell that they will keep you on hold so that they can consult their seniors, which never happens.
  4. They will keep you on long holds. also there is no indication that there will be someone to take up the phone sometimes. finally you will yourselves cut the call.
  5. only 2-3 days ago, the personalised customer care of vodafone has started working. prior to this, each time i pressed the button to connect to a Customer care executive in person, i was once again brought back to the main menu.
  6. lately, a few smart customer care people also gave me fake complaint numbers. when i pressed a customer care guy for complaint number, he gave me one. on later checking with another guy, he told there was no complaint number by that number
  7. also they lodge complaints on their own. one of the guys himself lodged a complaint on my behalf to deactivate my number.
  8. one of the girls from the collection department directed me to pay the bill, except for the disputed Rs 600. i forgot to take the complaint number from her. but when my brother went to the vodafone center for paying the remaining bill, he was told to make the entire payment.

the present status of my complaint lodged on 30th march, 2008 is that there is still not any resolution in sight. also the vodafone people have barred my outgoing calls. don’t know when they will axe my incoming calls as well.

today, one of my colleagues took the initiative to call vodafone customer care on her own. since she was once associated with the brand, she knows the tactics a bit.

one bashir took up the call. only after deeply interrogating this guy, my colleague was able to get this information that the vodafone people have agreed to reverse the wrong amount of bill. the complaint number he gave me for this purpose was xxxxxxxx

when i insisted for a written assurance, he told me that no such written assurance can be given from vodafone. however a SMS will be forwarded to my number. the complaint number for this was xxxxxxxx.

he said he would be arranging for a call back within a few minutes. when the call didn’t come, i rang up vodafone again. this time yet another guy took up the call to tell me that i need to have the bill number first in order to talk any such thing.

hoping to talk to the vodafone people tomorrow with the bill in hand.

but one thing i am very sure of. i am not going to pay the bill unless i get a written assurance from vodafone that the Rs 600 will be waived off from my bill.

so if vodafone is hell bent at creating trouble for me, i too am well prepared.


11 thoughts on “The problem with Vodafone customer care finally resolved

  1. Hi,

    I completely agree with you. I try most of time. God knows what happens… I rarely get connected with the customer care executive. When I get connected, they fail to satisfy my doubts. I am serious to change my service.

  2. the problem was finally sorted out. one of my colleagues referred me to some bigshot in vodafone. thanks to her, they waived off all the undue amount.

    but this after cutting all incoming and outgoing for about two days. also harassing my brother who in turn harassed me (he always wants the easy way out. if it is the money that can solve the problem, give it)

    i also took an idea connection in desperation.

    now that my issues are solved, what’s the need to continue criticising vodafone. but also i can’t delete a post that i took half an hour to write. so have removed all details that cud have led to me like the complaint numbers.

  3. we purchased a card on 21/4/2008 postpaid rs at 444/- the card has been not activate. so i went to sector 18 to meet customer care and refunded the card on 10/5/2008…. after my complaint they gave me a new card ,i gave all those documents and they came for verification on 11/05/2008 ,they collect all the details,and activate the card only for 4 days from the date of verification. after that i received a message that your sim card has dis-connected due to non verification of documents. now there is no out going calls.

  4. dear sir/madam
    my mobile number is 9811805172-this card return to dealer.
    now the mobile number is 9811805334 is not activated.
    we purchased a card on 21/4/2008 postpaid rs at 444/- the card has been not activate. so i went to sector 18 to meet customer care and refunded the card on 10/5/2008…. after my complaint they gave me a new card ,i gave all those documents and they came for verification on 11/05/2008 ,they collect all the details,and activate the card only for 4 days from the date of verification. after that i received a message that your sim card has dis-connected due to non verification of documents. now there is no out going calls.again we contact customer care on 111-they told non verification of documents…please take imediate action
    tank u
    your”s innocent customer

  5. oh fish… not again… why do u have to keep bumping into me… today i got a vodafone connection… guy came… handed me the sim card… he said he will call up in half hour on my other number and give me a few number’s to choose from and the number will be activated by evening… its about to get 4:30 now… almost 5hrs… no call… no nothing… and as i just tried looking on internet for some help.. there u were again… i hope vodafone gives me a happier experience… abhi tak toh… khaer… and guess wot… even i had said for that 444 plan.. u copy me too much..

  6. ha ha

    vodafone people are not that bad. see they waved off that rs. 600.

    hope ur experience is better. such things do take time.

    wt is the customer care telling?

    looks like u refer to me each time u facing some kind of a problem. can’t help if i m there. in fact u must thank me for giving u tips from my experience.

  7. hello my experience with vodofone is horrible.

    i lost my dad on 20th of june.
    i didnt go out as people were coming to meet me .

    suddenly on 24th of june comes two messages saying that hello you just spoke to some girls
    i forgot their names .they asked me how is their response in their office.
    again today 25th of june there comes a message
    saying that as per your requirement we have chnaged your tarriff plan.
    i phoned to customer care of vodofone , the response says sir you had been to our office in kolhapur today and you were there in sangli vodofone office yesterday.

    i narrated the whole story even then the customer care person says that i have to go to their vodofone office in person and enquire and he told me that he cant help to me.
    this is very embarassing.
    i request authorities of vodofone to look into the matter.
    even after my phone also they are not lifting the phone.
    i am feeling sorry for VODOFONE dealings

    dr m.e.treveli

  8. i am really sorry for the grave loss that u had.

    abt the vodafone complaint; man that is really bad on the part of vodafone and shows their insensitivity towards their customers. i don’t think that should be the thinking of some service organisation.

    hey when i got into that problem, i sent a mail to one of vodafone’s top executives. and she acted fast. can’t say if they generally act that fast or because i was referred by one of her ex-colleagues. i can’t remember her name, but if u r using a postpaid plan, there’s her name in your monthly bill. try ur luck there.

    if that too doesn’t work, just say that u r going to leave vodafone…howsoever bad they r, they wudn’t take the risk of losing a customer.

    and last…tell them that u wl go to consumer court if they continue harassing u

  9. my name is rajinder kumar my no is 9873543952 my 92 rupee deducted my account i call customer care dharmender vibhishan and raj any bady not right reason confirm for me every bady till me different reason dharmender till me you call isd number but not confirm isd number vibhishan till me you actived any service vodaphone but not confirm which service please my 92 rupee add my account balance

    both are talking very rudally customer care person

  10. My mobil# is 9637138991, since last two days network is not working properly at ganeshpuri Dist-Thane, incoming and out going is totaly off.
    Could you please look in to this matter urgently,
    Please reply me
    With love
    Pramod Umbre

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