When mass resignations loom ahead

just a few days ago, i blogged in my official blog about an office where the major talk is of an impending layoff. now even though the IT industry in india is slowing down because of a slowdown far off in the US, there’s no such talks hot at my office.

instead, it is the other way round. almost everyone is looking out. and the best thing about it is that they are not making any efforts to cover up their job search ( i mean from the colleagues).

so what happens when you come a little late to office. mind it, you were just late for office because you overslept or were caught up in the traffic.

“so how was the interview”, one asks.

“from when are you joining” there’s another

“how much are they giving” yet another colleague asks

and before you lose your cool over this, lemme tell you it is all for fun. reply in this fashion:

“ah they want me to join asap. want me to join as GM but i said i am happy with my small designation. about salary, plz dont ask – a hefty 200% hike that is, perks included”

and get off for work laughing.

Does the boss escape such talks when he is a little late or misses office. no, since we live in a free society,we must have our say (at the back of the boss)

“won’t boss be coming today”

“no information as of now”

“looks like he too has gone out for an interview”

ha ha ha


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