My tryst with internet

it was 2001 and there was an unsent admit card that was vexing me. there were only a few weeks left for the exam and i had spent more than a thousand on the form. phone calls to the institute didn’t help. someone suggested me to email the concerned people for help.

email?? what’s that? when i was leaving for the cyber cafe, brother asked me to take some hundred rupees. may be they would charge similar to a STD call.

the cyber cafe wallah was too co-operative. from creating my first email id to sending my first mail, i did it all here. and all for just Rs 10/ hour.

i chatted for the first time on the net. unfortunately the girl on the other side moved out of the chat within a few minutes. “hey u r vry slw”. i was a newbie then but rarely are people online so tolerant about about your weaknesses. even today i use not more than two fingers on each hand, i mean for typing, still i am fast.

also i had my first experience at watching porn then. now that boys as less than 12 are caught watching porn, i was not as fortunate. here too i was shy enough to even be caught by the cyber cafe wallah watching porn. besides he thought of me as too sidha. also i didn’t want to break his perception. so i logged out before time.

from that time onwards, i have forever become fantasised with internet.

in those days internet used to be very slow. so an hour of internet surfing was rarely worth the money spent.

then i moved to pune for higher studies. there i got a little more trained in the use of internet. the internet charges were a little less here but offered better speed. had my first encounter with google then. there was a presentation to be made and the major part, from research to presentation, was to be done by me.

again used the google during my summer projects. as i didn’t know much of keywords then, the searches on google were hardly satisfying, generally led to irrelevant searches. this fostered my belief that google was seldom helpful.

after returning from pune, and during the periods of unemployment, i came across this very attractive job opportunity in the newspaper classified. “earn more than 15000 from home.” there were two lessons that i gained during my short stint at this job:

  • what looks attractive at first sight is most probably not good
  • everything, good or bad, is for good at the end

the job was simple. everyday the company would send you a large number of mails in your inbox. you would have to simply open up the mails and advertisements on it and then move on to the other mail. and for each ad opened, you would receive a cent. a cent and a cent and a cent somehow makes a dollar. so i went on religiously opening the mails.

3 months and more but my account showed not more than a dollar. in how many months will i make some money. finally i gave up. also the internet charge was making a dent in my pocket money. the first lesson learnt.

soon i got my first job offer. this time for a real job. thanks to spending several hours on the internet, i was pretty adept at working on it. the second lesson learnt. and my first job involved searching for matter on the net and then rephrasing it in my own words.

i had my own computer with internet fitted to it. i was satisfied.

two years into the job, i subsequently became the master at using the net and the vast resource of information it offered.

during this time i bought my home computer as well. it was a first. i was doing freelancing. home internet would save on time.

the internet providers talk about connecting the entire country, but they aren’t even able to connect the whole of national capital. MTNL was the only choice. soon this too turned to be a failure. since there was no double cable coming to my colony, there will be no internet for me. “but why didn’t you tell me about it at the time of connection”. no reply. cost > Rs 1500

then came airtel. no not the broadband one. it was to be connected through mobile and then to the computer. i specially took a postpaid connection for the same. but umpteen number of calls to the customer care didn’t help. each time a new person took the call and every time i had to explain the entire thing. finally after a month, i got the connection cut. Cost > Rs 2400

just when i was hapless in my tryst with bringing internet to my home that i joined my present company. the best thing was that they gave you a laptop to be taken to home. a reliance datacard connected you to internet. for the first few weeks, evenings were spent on internet, doing everything that i had forever wished for.

2 thoughts on “My tryst with internet

  1. I have also taken Reliance data card and till now spent Rs. 5000 on the modem and on paying the bills extra. They had given me a white data card which was returned and also the executive said that many of them complain on its use and the cost and the accesbility. Instead of this i was replaced with a ZTE model which was an open piece. I requested for a close box , new piece but the executive said as ur piece was open and used he had to give me an open data card modem. I used that for around 3 months but always getting disconnected. After complaining, the guy says he will help me with it but as far as my experience is with reliance, Ambani was very true in what he said….karlo duniya apni mutthi mein…” Sabka maal apna mutthi mein”…
    I would request everyone not to ever go for any reliance data card…or reliance mobiles…they are utterly rubbish…
    I have invested so much on this data card instead i could get gold for me which would alteast be genuine with me.

  2. hey i really feel bad for u. in india, none of the service providers know to keep their customers happy. now wt’s that logic of giving u a open datacard bcoz u submitted an already used card.

    if u haven’t yet paid the outstanding, take my advise …. tell them that u r going to a consumer court. don’t pay anything. i bet this will help. they will really help you then. and being soft with them will not help. show that you can actually take action.

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