Viva Cuba

watched a really good spanish movie called Viva Cuba on World Movie channel launched by UTV.

the film is about two kids, a girl and a boy, who are best friends. they flee away from their parents – their destination the girl’s natural father who is divorced and lives far away.

bearing many difficulties and with the mother’s crying their heart out, the kids finally reach the girl’s father. however, by then, the mothers too have arrived.

but the end isn’t happy. the girl is not able to join her parents once again. they start bickering once again. the kids, failed at their efforts, finally give up their lives; may be that would be a lesson for their parents.

thanks for the english subtitles, i was able to appreciate the spanish film too


One thought on “Viva Cuba

  1. I am a Spanish teacher and I showed this flim to my students they absolutely loved it. I think its a flim that has humor, love, and friendship. These children endure it all. To the point of dying together. It goes to show that they fought to get what they wanted and thought that the one person who would understand them would help them (her dad). He does not help and once again they are back at square one. Instead of being apart which would be like death to them they decide to endure death together! AMAZING. very touching ending.

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