My secret was about to be busted on Orkut today

the secret that was long buried in my chest was just about to be busted today. in fact, until someone talks to me about it, i cannot be very sure that the storm is over.

without me spilling the beans over here (about the secret of course), lemme give you a few details of what happened.

kuldeep, my friend called me in the evening yesterday.

“are you set to lose the little good reputation you have?”, he said

“what?” i was surprised at his behaviour

“why you exchanging notes with this bansal guy on orkut”

“not i. it is he who pings me once in a blue moon. what’s bad with it”

“you know, he is part of one of those communities. remove him fast from your friends network. also change your settings for receiving scraps.”

“and do it now”

it was already ten in the night. still out of curiousity i logged on to orkut to have a look at this guy’s profile.

actually he had those communities on display in his profile that kuldeep and me wud dread to sport. in fact we have together pledged to forever shun that community, although my personal experience on the pledge hasn’t been satisfactory.

and i least knew he was a member of those communities. the time i last checked his profile, he seemed new to orkut. he was just like any other ordinary boy to talk to.

his profile sure had those dreaded communities on display. thank god he wasn’t on my friends’ network. i immediately deleted his scrap and changed the scrap settings and went for a good sleep.

on work today, i got little time to check my mails. when i checked it at around 5 in the evening, there was this kuldeep’s mail saying that he has removed me from his friends’ network. “remove that idiot from your orkut first”.

“hey i have already done that. why you acting so hyper on this”, i replied back.

but when i saw the first entry on my scrapbook, i couldn’t help getting hyper either. the idiot had spilled the beans all over on orkut and for all to see. i felt like crying. god knows who all must have seen the scrap. he really was such an idiot for not understanding that this is my public profile.

in a fit i deleted all my scraps from the time i first joined on orkut.


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