Surfing the net

for the first time in many months i actually shut the TV while browsing thru the net at home. because i felt there was quite a lot that the internet has to offer

also for the first time over the years i was using the internet to learn something.

these day i am learning html thru an online tutorial. it was just that i remembered that a long time back one of my seo frnds was telling about this language being too easy to learn. so be it. also many job ads showed that one needs to be adept at using html. so here i am learning html these days. this is a basic level as it says. do suggest me some better ones once i am done with the basic one first.

also i suddenly remembedred of an online soap that they were mentioning on ndtv metronation, a new channel launched by the ndtv group. the show was ram and ria. a search on google showed that it is available in small 15-20 minute episodes at it’s really good.

also there was one song that i was planning to hear for long. it was from guru dutt’s kaagaz ke phool. don’t know if musicindiaonline had a bad quality of sound or what, i wasn’t satisfied. the lyrics of the song are really touchy. they go as here (taken from

dekhee jamaane kee yaaree

bichhade sabhee baaree baaree

kyaa leke mile ab duniyaan se

aasoo ke siwaa kuchh paas nahee

yaa fool hee fool the daaman me

yaa kaanto kee bhee aas nahee

matalab kee duniyaan hain saaree

bichhade sabhee baaree baaree

going off to sleep now. it’s going to be 11. have to sleep this early or throughout the day feel guily about not sleeping well.


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