Where is the civic sense in Indians?

if mumbai is infamous for its gang-wars, delhi rues about the rallies that are organised here almost everyday.

just a day after mayawati brandished her support with the crowd collected from all parts of northern india in delhi, BJP and akali dal decided to hold a rally of its supporters from punjab. so there was an entire punjab on buses, trucks, and all forms of vehicles on the roads of delhi. they had come here to pressurise government to waive off the loans to farmers. whether the government was moved by such pressure tactics is still unsure; however, this really brought traffic on the outer ring road to a standstill.

the crowd from punjab was enjoying the all-expenses paid journey to delhi. thanks for the sunny climate, some of the people occupied the parks to have a nap. others would use the occasion to visit their relatives here. delhites on the other hand were seen worried about reaching late to office, school or wherever they were headed.

such kind of uncivil behaviour on the part of people and their representatives is not new to india. i witnessed it once again while returning from jharkhand in Poorva Express.

just as we had left Kiul station, it suddenly stopped on the outskirts of the town. only when the train didn’t start for long that we doubted that something had gone wrong. someone brought news that a few students had pulled chain to get down near to their homes. a large number of students were returning to their homes after finishing with the board examinations at lakhisarai. as it is with people there, they wouldn’t have waited for the local trains to arrive. so they boarded the superfast and express trains, and certainly without proper tickets. to make the train stop at their destinations, they were least concerned about the consequences of pulling the vacuum chain.

the journey between kiul to mokama, some hours off patna (capital of bihar), which on other occasions would have taken not more than half an hour, took around two hours that particular day. the students continued with their tactics though. they had occupied the reserved boggies. when someone tried to stop them from the act of pulling chain, he was told to stay silent lest he be thrown out of the train.

passengers in express trains, who wait for months to get a reservation, have to undergo such kind of rude behaviour from locals almost everyday. not only students, also adults who would like to show themselves as civilised citizens, do not mind occupying the reserved seats. and this happens not only in this part of the country. locals, almost everywhere, indulge in such kind of behaviour.


3 thoughts on “Where is the civic sense in Indians?

  1. i think the lack of civic sense is almost in all of us individuals in some or the other way .all we need to do is understand it and try to correct our selfs …and i guess a little change brought about my every person ..will lead to a big change for a country like ours

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