Good things end fast

don’t know why good things have to come to an end so soon. brother’s marriage that i talked about in so many of my last posts is over now. yeah you have guessed it right. i wasn’t blogging because i was not here in delhi. moreover, my reliance datacard wasn’t working there. so i had to use the local cyber cafe, some 4 kms away (proves how underdeveloped jharkhand is; still the presence of a cyber cafe was evidence that the state was making attempts at development) when there was some official work to be done.

coming back to the marriage, it was a blast. i enjoyed the attention. yes, even though i wasn’t the bridegroom, i was showered with attention from all the mothers hoping to engage their daughters with me. didn’t really expect this. why not? i was the groom’s younger brother and an eligible bachelor (in their eyes). so did i shy off from the extra attention. no, i wouldn’t have made that mistake again.

this time i also ensured that i was dressed in my best. thank god that the climate here wasn’t as cold as in delhi; i looked handsome (as per reports) in the kurta and churidar, complemented with a red and silky stole, and ofcourse minus the bulky sweaters and jackets.

the barat went to the marriage venue with much fanfare. a new feature was that the ladies too were accompanying us, not usual in maithil weddings. i was forced to the centre on a few occasions, but i didn’t dance much.

the place and the people here were not strangers to me. did i tell you my brother was marrying my elder brother’s sali. so i could easily mingle with the people there. a women from the bride’s side came up to introduce her daughter to me. she was pretty and anyone would have fallen for her. but for me, being untrained in such tactics for so long, this was a new game. still i was enjoying the girl’s attention. when one of the women offered me a seat beside her and i joined her without offering this girl a side chair, she tried to show that she was hurt. i was unmoved though. i did offer her my seat and then moved along with her to continue talking.

i had decided to sit through the entire marriage proceedings. unfortunately, started having motions. it wasn’t because of eating though. in fact, if i talk about this trip in terms of the good things i ate there, i would score very less. most of the times i ended up in the loo. so even though i wanted to continue talking to this girl, i couldn’t. also i had started getting bored with the useless bantering about me and her.

and everyone had their eyes on me. my bhabhi pulled my leg for being too friendly to this girl, who happens to be her cousin by relation. i told her that i had no such intentions. my digicam left me midway. so i have pictures of all occasions except the actual marriage proceedings. i had my laptop with me; so i was able to instantly upload the pictures for viewing; quite an amusement for all.

maithili wedding is a two day affair. on the first day is the usual marriage affair- varmala, marraige, kanyadan etc. on the second day is the ghunghat. the mama or an elder brother performs this rasam. since the next day of marriage was a tuesday, the ghunghat had to be organised early in the morning. mama and my father had to be called all of a sudden and that last event was also performed.

a token ghunghat affair was organised in the noon though. this is when all relatives and friends who come along with the barat shower the bride and groom with gold and cash. i too gifted my bhabhi with a heart shaped ear-ring.

mutton forms an important recipe in maithil cuisine, the other being dahi and chura. i wasn’t able to savour any of the delicacies, with the next day spent entirely fasting, thanks to the abnormal stomach.

bhabhi was to come home with us for the reception or the bahubhat. i accompanied them on their car. at home, the ladies were waiting for us with the aarti. bhabhi was welcomed to home with much fanfare.

the next day was the reception. again a lot of photoshooting. didn’t get time to taste the different cuisines lined out for welcoming the new bride.

chuturthi was organised on day next. the bride and the groom were on an all sweet diet until now; both being die-hard fans of spicy foods. so after the chaturthi puja, the bride and groom didn’t wait to grab some of the mutton left off from the reception last day.

we had a really packed vacation this time, especially the bride who also had to visit his in-laws for a day. since we were to return immediately the next day, bhaiya and bhabhi returned from their in-laws place in the evening only. here we had planned a small birthday celebration for my bhabhi. she had not the slightest suspicion that we were organising one for her. so it was quite an enjoyable affair.

the next day we packed our bags to return to delhi; leaving behind people who were expecting us to stay back for a little longer, particularly bhabhi who had just spent a few days with her husband. but couldn’t have stayed for longer because of our work here. from the next monday was to start the usual grind. still the week long celebrations had left me all refreshed. at office i showed everyone the pics takent at marriage. everyone praised my bhabhi. also everyone liked my cute neice born just a month ago. had to treat them for a burger too.


2 thoughts on “Good things end fast

  1. I am sorry, but you seem to be completely unaware of the “Maithil Culture”. Who told you Maithil weddings are just a two-day affair?? The word “Chaturthi” implies the 4th day and not the second day. I am a Maithil Brahmin by birth and married to a maithil brahmin guy, yet I never knew that MUTTON is an integral part of our culture. Gentleman, it is Fish and not mutton. Pan, Makhana and Mach( Fish) has always been associated with MITHILA.

  2. first of all, it’s good to see that some maithil brahmins too read my blog. so shalini as long as u tell it on my blog, all kinds of comment – good or bad – are welcome.

    sorry if i have not documented well the maithil marriage. but my idea was not to document each and every event in a marriage. yes, i know about chaturthi. but what i meant by a two day event was – barat and ghunghat – which happen at the brides place.

    last about the mutton. it is really an integral part of our culture. why then does it form a part of the menu in every important occasion – shadi, durga puja.

    do write to me if u differ

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