Bullied at school

he little knew that i would react with a punch on his belly. even i didn’t. for the frightful and timid guy like me, it was almost impossible to hit the class bully with a punch. but i did, and was satisfied.

the vice principal had decided to use a free period before recess for a boring moral science lecture. the result was a horde of boys and girls doing little but listening to the vice-principal, except for the few unfortunate frontbenchers.

at the back, students waited patiently for the class to end. the class bully, let’s call him RB, had made himself a cigarette out of paper and was enacting a smoker. back then, we were too young to ever tested one in real. so it was quite a pleasure for those at the back.

accidently, i saw him doing that piece and complained to the vice-principal. didn’t want it to be serious. but the VP decided to act tough. he wasn’t allowed to take lunch and had to kneel down before his cabin.

now that was enough to fire him against me.

otherwise too, i was his pet target. several complaints to his father, his attrocities against me never receded. from forcing me to share notes to unwillingly allowing him to copy my answers in the examination, RB had a long history of bullying.

unfortunately, the very next period after lunch was a games period. i dreaded moving outside, fearing to encounter him in the grounds, all alone. he had warned me of dire consequences before being taken for the punishment.

i spent the entire period running around from one place to another, flocking from one group to another. news was that he was searching for me madly. and what has to go wrong will go wrong for sure. he caught me at one of the lonely places. and before he could have said anything, i had already delivered a blow on his stomach. he, in turn, was staring fixedly at me. looked like he was caught unawares.

having had a successful reign of bullying, from the nursery, RB wasn’t prepared for this wild reaction from me. this was new for me as well. later i came to learn that there’s something in our body called adrenaline, that forces us to do things wildly. may be one of those things that happened to me.

did it result in any relief for me? immediate relief yes; RB couldn’t muster enough courage to hit back. but weeks ahead, the lesson was forgotten. he was back to his ways. also the adrenaline rush failed me ever since. so i learnt a lesson instead – avoid the bully to avoid problems.


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