Back without a bang

yes, i am alive. all you people, who sometimes take pains to go through the crap that i have on my blog, might think where have i disappeared. No, i was very much present in delhi. but as i talked in one of my last posts, was busy with shopping. saturdays and sundays were booked totally for the shopping course (in fact skipped one friday as well for the same).

also my reliance datacard has suddenly developed a glitch that’s unclear to me. while at office, it works fine. at home, it gets connected fine, showing those icons at the quicklaunch. however, not a site opens. soon i found that the problem was faced by many of my colleagues here.

so no blogging for some two weeks now. but as the traffic stats revealed only ten visits yesterday, i was apalled of losing the some dedicated visitors that i have. so here i am blogging from office. fortunately none of the bosses are at office today, so i can work at my pace.

brother is headed to the altars in a few weeks time. he would be wearing a sherwani for the marriage. for the reception he has preferred a suit. the dresses have cost us some 50k or more. i am planning to wear a kurta with churidar pyjama for the marriage. havent yet decided on what i would be wearing for the reception. i am not very comfortable with blazers and suits. but when i recently wore them for my neice’s marriage, people did complement me. maybe i can think upon wearing it this time as well.

have continued with the job, although problems (about which i talked in some of my older posts) still persist. it wouldn’t look good to sound unemployed in the huge crowd of relatives who would be present for the wedding. also bara bhaiya insists that i give my best impression so that i can attract potential father in laws for marriage proposal (which i am least interested in doing).

all in all life kat rahi hai, kisi tarah se.


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