Renewed interest in job

coming out of an interview with not so flying colours, you may suddenly develop a renewed interest in your job. may be because you suddenly realise the truth behind that old adage – a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

seems i am passing through a similar phase. after my interview with accenture and genpact, i have suddenly started feeling that my job is still better.

genpact dealt with instructional design and e-learning that i was always against doing. only that they were offering me a supervisory post and into editing that i agreed. and in accenture, it was business writing, another hated style of writing. creative writing is my forte and it is creative writing that i seek opportunities in.

so after i returned from the interviews, i suddenly felt the urge from inside that i must and can renew the interest in my job. although there’s still doubt that i have succeeded in the same (i am still blogging at office hours).

also there have been some recent changes in the circumstances because of which i have suddenly started feeling good to come to the office.

after the recent layoffs, my company has once again hired new candidate. the office is brimming with activity now. the best thing is that i have finally passed over my new employee tag to these others.

when i joined this company, the other employees had always formed groups. while they weren’t ready to accept any more intrusion, i didn’t have as magnetic a personality to get instant admission to any of the groups. so i was an outcaste and finally grouped with another outcaste, of whom i have talked about in an earlier post.

so life was a complete bore. now too i havent grouped with any new guy or gal. still i get issues to talk about. people listen to me. in fact people had started thinking of me as dumb, which i surely am not. and when i showed them some sparks of my wit, they were awe-struck. someone referred to as mine coming out of the gestation period.

another good thing is that my journey back to home has become less tormenting. there is this guy who had offered me a lift on his bike once a few months back. i dont know crossed my mind that i denied his offer. but the day i wasn’t able to make it to the accenture and genpact interviews, i called up this guy and asked if he could pick me up every evening, if he doesn’t ferry his girfriend. and as i had expected, he agreed.

so he picks me every evening from close to my office. the good thing of this is i am able to stay at office past 6.30, the scheduled time for leaving office. i would become a laughing stock each time i packed off my bags at the destined time. also it was embarassing to see the juniors staying longer. but see i had reason enough – i had to be on time to reach home at time. for proof of my difficulties in travelling, just go through my post “i hate travelling”.

and the day i fixed this arrangement with dev, the friend who picks me each evening, i announced at office that i would be staying at office for longer. this did it – why is a guy doing this favour to you? another public remark about me being gay, but that was just for fun.


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