My blog, my baby

this blog is like a kid to me. just as one would love to watch his/her small kid grow up, so do i love to watch the growth of my blog.

born one night in september, this blog has completed three months now. and this blog is very much like a friend to me since i am able to confide many things to it that i wouldn’t have to a real life friend.

it’s fantastic to see the increased traffic each day when i login to the administrator section on my blog. also once in a blue moon, some good samaritan likes the content here and puts a comment. one mr. ravi found my job issues matching his. it was impressing. i sent him a mail and we interacted with each other.

however there were times when each visit to the blog stats would reveal zero visits. what use is a blog if it is not getting seen by anyone, i thought. but i didn’t give up. the real people in my life never knew or didn’t care to know what’s happening in my life. and now even my blog was getting so less visit. but i didn’t lose patience.

gradually i came to know about tags. tags are key phrases according to which people search content on the website. my website had no tags in the initial phase. though i had worked for a SEO company, i didn’t ever know how tags work. and if people are not able to locate your tagless content in the huge web resource, they weren’t to be blamed. and so i started tagging the things as a novice.

visits have multiplied ever since. some of my posts are getting return traffic as well. a few of my posts were on top results. not bragging. but you see, just as we can’t resist from boasting about one’s child, so can i not stop myself from talking highly about my blog. so kindly bear with it.


3 thoughts on “My blog, my baby

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