I hate travelling

i have started hating the journey i have to make to office and back everyday. delhi to noida and back.

i tried looking for alternate arrangements. but none has helped. some take too much time. some involve too much money.

everyday i have to travel on crowded buses, packed with people of all kinds, particularly the labour class. thankfully it’s winters now, or there would be people sweating heavily. also there would be a variety of odours spread all through the bus.

the bus is packed to the hilt. still the conductor ascertains that the bus is empty. if given a free hand, they surely can pack some 50 more men inside. if you are a good looking girl, may be you can get some favours. you just get space enough to position your feet. today there was scarcity of that too.

people exchange slangs freely. behenchod and behen ke lund are just so common here in delhi. and if you talked a little louder to any one, be sure to raise a fight in an instance.

the journey back is still more tortuous. most DTC buses have already gone for a rest. blueline buses are in scarce supply too. while you can get a number of buses in the morning, keep standing for half an hour or more before you come across a blueline bus. and believe me all of that is planned. the lesser the number of buses, the more is the number of passengers.

as if bus wallahs have an unquenchable thirst for passengers, they keep adding more as they move. at times, the buses move at the pace of bullock carts. however, you will feel that this was better because they suddenly stop without notice. shouting at the driver will be of no use; he is immune to it now.

worst is when they suddenly decide midway to rest for the day. rush if you want to get some of your money back. only if you are arrogant enough can you get a better refund. or they will adjust you on another bus. if you thought that was too generous on the part of the bus wallah, just have a look at the bus that he is adjusting you in. it is packed. so packed and packed makes it to pack-square.

i would still think it’s better. because the worst is still to come. at ISBT, there is a riot of people waiting for auto rickshaws to ferry them to home. these auto-rickshaws charge Rs. 5 per passenger. auto rickshaws returning home take in passengers to earn some extra income. however, not all auto-rickshaw wallahs are looking upon this extra income. in delhi, traffic rules are very strict; the smallest mistake invites Rs. 600 as penalty. so hardly does a auto wallah stop to take in passengers. every time an auto stops, a horde of people run to take in seat. if you are fortunate, you get a seat. if not you will have to keep waiting.

don’t know how many days or months will i have to keep bearing the tormenting journey. i couldn’t learn to ride a bike. now brother insists that i first learn to ride a scooty or a car and only then will he buy that for me. also i haven’t been able to locate and make friends with a guy who drives from noida to delhi. so until i find an organisation that offers cab facility, i will have to continue bearing.


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