spit, spat, spittoon on the road

walking besides buses can be dangerous and dirty. i experienced this yesterday at ISBT. there were a row of buses and i was looking for my bus. just then i felt something rested heavily on my shoulders. apprehending it to be some bird’s work, i took the hanky out and slowly moved it for my right shoulder where the thing lied. i dont know what inspired me to see the culprit lying in the hanky now. and as i put my eyes on, it was like yucks. someone had spat on me, and it was of that frozen variety that happens when you have cold for a number of days.

i have forever hated spitting. maybe because i myself can’t. i have three years to complete three decades of my life, but still don’t know how to spit. in fact the saliva stored within my mouth gives me a distinct accent. but i have no problems, i cant be spitting every time. people already comment on the large number of times that i go to the loo.

people have grown so bad at spitting these days. not always was the scene like this. i think it was after the gutkha was born in india. do update me at when the gutkha was born. i think it is not more than a decade old. earlier there was the tobacco, which increased the spitting frequency, but at least it didn’t leave stains at all place.

outside our house, mom has constructed this bench like structure over the drain. while it has become the meeting place for all to meet, they would all leave their foot marks in the form of gutkhas spit all over. and to top it all is the dry cough which will not move unless you put great effort. when the bench was new, mom tried to keep it clean, but after trampling on a similarly heavy piece and vomitting thereafter, she has given up on cleaning the mess.

we indians really don’t seem to have any civic sense. not any wall can manage to be clean if it’s public property and there’s no man to forbid people from spitting or just releasing their pressure.

about releasing pressure, i can’t say i haven’t done it myself. yes, public toilets in delhi are few and far. and the toilets available are so ill kept that you have to trample over yellow floors (that’s because urine contains ammonia) but looks like shit.

but as i was telling, we indians excel even in that. i had to willingly take a longer route to catch the bus at ISBT because the smaller route stank through the night long urinal that people would use it as.

but very less people believe it as uncivic to spit or urinate at public places. the worst is that women too are doing it. in my locality, some women too have taken to eating gutkha. god knows where the people are headed to.


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