computers aren’t user-friendly

had it not been for blogging from office, i would have seldom been as punctual as i am now. these days i blog everyday and feel satisfied that the blog is growing, at least in size.

just give a thought to this: won’t it be great if computers too started as soon as you switched it on. my laptop has a weak battery and as long as it opens up completely, it has already exhausted half the battery.

also exhausts the motivation to do something creative on computer. before i had a computer, i always thought of doing some freelance work after office. but once i bought one and now got one from office, i seldom have that desire. it’s only when i have a strong desire of something, like watching porn that i give computer a preference over TV that i can switch in an instant.

also you have to sit all the while before your computer. can’t we have something where we can keep the computer or laptop on a stand and we could do the typing while reclining on the sofa. the laptop can’t be kept on the lap, lest the powers be lost.

so if there is someone from computer makers who have come across this blog, try and find a solution. i will be obliged.


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