Sometimes people need reasons to support their folly

sometimes people need reasons to support their folly.

this guy at my office got a very poor rating in appraisal. in fact his was the lowest rating as boss conveyed it to me. i felt bad for him since he was the only one who i talked with here.

Though this guy  was quite depressed the first day, as days passed his anger towards the boss has slowly receded. he is from south india, and as far as my knowledge and experience goes, they are very simple in their thought processes. they seldom are as dirty minded as the northwallahs.

and he passed the limit yesterday when he attributed the poor rating to a typo error. how can there be a typo error where are less than 20 employees to appraise.

and looks like management here wants to chuck him out. first the poor rating and then there was a big spat that he had today with a sales manager. and this guy cannot speak hindi. neither is he very fluent with english. so he isn’t able to prove a strong counterpart in any such fights. had it been me, i wouldn’t have allowed the sales manager to talk thus. there is no glut of jobs. i cannot do with my ego getting hurt.


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