an uncomfortable facet for my family

Don’t know why I recited the story of that pankaj kapoor telefilm even though i knew it will create uncomfortable scenarios for my father. Grandfather doesn’t live with us. neither does he live with my uncle (who has never been eager to keep dadaji anyways).

after the death of dadi, the most important question was where will dadaji live. most obvious solution was that he would be coming with us. while the others would be big talking on keeping him, everyone went their ways after the shraddh ceremony.

all has not been white in our case. dadaji never stooped a little. in  fact they were so accustomed to live alone that they never liked living with sons.

he kept silent at all time. was understandable since he had just lost his consort of say 50 + years. he would talk only to me at home. that too very less. was an educated person and he had been taught and practiced over years to talk less. see he i saw papa taking the initiative to start talk at times. but the ice too thick to break.

and after my return to delhi, dadaji used to keep silent at most times. papa too gave up. ma, in spite of the tradition preventing her to talk to a father in law, used to talk to him. but watching no response from his side made her to recede as well.

later i came to know that dadaji is eager to visit his native village. my buas (father’s sister) played for their own benefit. and since then he hasnt returned back. he is living with one of my buas who keep him for the pension that he recieves. father is right to one extent that money plays an important role in building and destroying relationships.

father deters from visiting his village for fear of the uncomfortable questions that people would ask. unfortunately dadaji’s conscience never forced him to make peace with his sons.


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