Watched a good telefilm

Whenever brother is at home at night, we sure are to have a tussle for who owns the remote. He goes for the action packed flicks and me for more sensible, more content packed television serials and films.

Last saturday they were showing an art film that would particularly appeal to my senses on Lok Sabha channel. And slowly Anupam too started feeling interest in the film.

Pankaj kapoor enacted the role of an old widower in this film who is living with his son (Raghuveer Yadav) and daughter in law (Reema Lagu).

A women without a husband can adjust somehow. But if the same happens to the man, he is stranded with no one to talk. Retirement from work further adds to his woes since he has nothing better to do than sleeping and over-sleeping.

pankaj kappor is undergoing a similar phase in life (though i couldnt see if he lost his wife recently). he has a small group of friends with whom he goes out for strolls in the morning and evening, but on most occasions he is left with nothing else to do than talk to himself and crib on how badly he is being treated by his son and daughter in law.

however, apart from the very normal splats between the generations, the relations are pretty good. the bahu cares for her father in law, taking care that he doesnt eat high calory food like makke ki roti (which can cause ingestion). the son ensures that his father is treated well at home. also the grandsons keep coming to him for listening to stories etc.

in spite of all of these, a gap in communication can be felt amiss. the son wouldnt talk to his father as heartily as he would in his younger days. given to old age, the father has now lesser control over his urinals etc. because of which he would pass of urine on bed. while they would know and discuss about it as a piece of fun, seldom would they try to help their father find an alternative.

and this gap slowly transforms into a huge gully as it normally happens. pankaj kapoor stays right at the doors entrance and because of the urinal and spitting the room is stinking now. the bahu says that father better be shifted to the backyard, which is now being used as a store room. father feels that his son no longer cares from him and so he is throwing him out of the house. when the son comes to disclose this arrangement to father, he is incensed and starts spitting at him. the son, his ego hurt, resorts to force. pankaj kapoor falls as a result. finally finding that there is no one to help him rise, he himself goes to the backyard room.

in the dark of the night, he decides that he has become useless for his family and that he better go to a forest for staying. in the morning, he calls for the local bulluck cart driver to take him to a shiva temple in the forest.

that has broke his son and daughter in law who are basically not like those filmy beta bahus. they realise where they went wrong. the bahu insists upon her husband to recall pankaj kapoor. but its already too late. he has already packed his bags and is already aboard the cart.

pankaj kapoor is old but his good senses have prevailed. his own conscience takes different shapes and coaxes him into returning to the village. many attempts later, the father is finally able to take back his step. and there the story ends.


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