Feeling deceived

It particularly hurts when you see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, but by the time you reach the end, the light is nowhere to be seen.

The same happened with me today. I had lost all hope of getting a regular return ticket from Dhanbad. But somehow I logged on to the Indian Railways website and found that there were some vacant seats. And to my surprise the seats were available on 20th October; that means I would be leaving on navami. That’s cool. That’s like getting the best of both the worlds. Regular tickets and after celebrating the whole of Durga Puja.

I immediately talked to one colleague to lend me her credit card to block this transaction. She readily agreed. But since the online transaction was taking long, another colleague suggested a travel agent who takes cash on receipt. Good. She immediately called the travel agent and ordered a ticket.

From that time I was quite happy and satisfied. The fear of returning without a reservation was eating me earlier.

But who knew god had other plans. The travel agent said that the train is at 12.30 on 19th night. No. I didn’t want that. That would mean I leave home on ashtami night. My family won’t allow that. Even I wouldn’t like that.

Okays by now I am back to square one with the ticket cancelled and no way in sight. Let’s see what happens.


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