Even I’m a minority

There’s so much talk these days about majority-minority. Heralding from a majority Brahmin community, I have forever felt victimised by the rules favouring minorities (and not the minorities themselves). Many a times I too have felt a minority.

  1. I was born and brought up in a Bengali dominated Dhanbad in spite of being a Bihari.
  2. My place did have Biharis. But we were just a few of the Biharis speaking angika in a bhojpuri dominated colony.
  3. Angika speaking people are a minority in Jharkhand as well.
  4. I am a minority in the Punjabi dominated Delhi.
  5. I was the only boy in my class of HR specialising students.
  6. My orientation towards one of the most important processes in life also makes me a minority.
  7. I am one of the very few guys who will have no future plans even at the age of 27.

If I get to write there will be many more but have to go. Food is getting cold now. So meet you some other day on this blog.


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