Going to home in Dussehra

I really wasn’t planning to go home in dussehra. First it was brother who instigated me about how great it would be to visit home since there would be bhaiya and bhabhi as well. But i had to first confirm from father that brother’s marriage isn’t scheduled for November. Because I may not get a leave so soon.

Papa told he really wasn’t sure as there was no confirmation from the other side. So i must postpone it this time. Hence the plans were dumped into the cold basket.

But again i was excited by my soon to be bhabhi. She insisted me to visit her this durga puja and i feel now that it will really be very exciting. There are no plans for marriage until February.

So first i got permission from father. Then there was a more difficult task to get permission from boss. Boss has acted diplomatically. He hasn’t refused now. But he says he will permit only if there are not many people to go.

Looks like i will get the permission. And i am really very excited about going home. Haven’t got the reservations done. Since all trains showed waiting, will have to go for tatkal or AC. so better do it at the last time.

But sometimes fear if this vacation will be as bad as the last time i went in durga puja.

The last time i went home, it looked like a completely different place. My house, which earlier seemed very spacious, was looking so small now. It was not that i was going back for the first time. But this time it looked as i was in a really different place.

There were no old people left. I mean the people of my age. All the smaller kids had grown up now and they were the ones enjoying.

Thank god that sachidanand appeared from nowhere. And he helped me spend time. He helped me connect with old friends by informing me about where all people have reached.

Some things remained the same. There was ojha chacha and chachi. The first day i even met babli who accompanied us to a durga temple for a special puja. She was a mother of a kid now.

A gang of boys known to fritter time in playing cards were still there and playing cards. Unfortunately their group members had come to be younger.

The durga temple had been repaired and repainted for the festival. The pandal was prepared in the traditional manner. Also the statue was not much different.

I am praying god that this trip of mine doesn’t come out as bland as the last one. Eagerly awaiting the trip to come.


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