Watching World Cup

Today India plays Pakistan in the world cup and won. I seriously didn’t know what i would be doing. See it looks so odd with the entire world excited for the match, even the girls with their own reasons, and me not with an iota of excitement about the match. Boss gave us permission to leave early to see the match. And i didn’t want to leave the opportunity.

As i was coming, the enthu of the crowd did make me anxious to have a look for the scores.

I came home and switched on the TV. India was playing well. But soon two good players were bowled out and i feared if i was unlucky for them. So i changed the channel and on star one channel they were showing a much loved film “the chosen one”.

I was intently watching the tele-film when light went just at the climax. The crowd outside started shouting against NDPL. Some men from the neighbourhood sat just near my window. Finally i opened my laptop and started making some decorations with my other blog as i have done with this. Also i changed the blog name to make it more acceptable.

After 20 minutes electricity finally appeared. I switched on the TV and found that Pakistan had started batting and were performing very badly. They had lost 4 wickets. The men standing outside started to peep from the window. I didn’t want to disappoint them by switching off the TV or changing channel. So i continued with my work while they were watching the match.

And see their enthusiasm was infectious as i too developed interest in the match. This twenty 20 match is really very cool. You really don’t know when the tables can be turned on you. And at one point it really looked like Pakistan will win in spite of losing many important wickets.

When it was just 6 runs to win from 4 balls, i felt i must better leave or Pakistan will win. And see i just went off to have a glass of water that the last wicket fell. India won the world cup after 24 years. And i was witness to this great event.


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