Did i actually live my life?

There was a quote i read and i felt it so very replicated my life (at least the one that is visible to the public). Don’t remember the exact quote. It went like this.

“He never drank. He never had sex. He never played any sport. He never loved. And when he died, the insurance companies denied him any claim. They said he never lived”

People who know me will agree that it sure replicated my life. But i know that the quote doesn’t exactly talk about my entire life. Yes i have been drunk. Yes i did sex. Yes i have loved. And yes i have lived the life, although i have ensured because of my own genuine reasons that people don’t know about all my aspects. Now that’s an important quality of my life. There are many, not exactly virtues, but qualities that make me. Through this blog would try to express about my real self in full which i haven’t until now. So for answers to did i actually live my life you will have to continue reading my blog in the days to come.


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